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Daily technical analysis for 12.02.2020

Portal Forex trader 11.02.2020 at 22:33

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 12.02.2020


On the EURUSD came down to the 1.0900 level and formed a pattern Doji. In the statistics of transactions is still a big advantage buyers. But I think that you should wait for a correction upwards, after a good fall. The expected course of the correction to 1.1000 level, but can finish earlier. Purchase here will not open, because they are against the trend.


On the USDCHF failed to go beyond the upper bound of the sideways 0,9766, and bounced formed a pattern of Absorption. It seems that the strength to go up and not scored and can resume falling back to the lower boundary. Consider there sales.


On a pair USDCAD continue to move around 1,3300 and formed the pattern of Absorption. It seems that the downward correction will take place. But the fact that it will be long, no doubt. In statistics deals to a preponderance of sellers, and due to them probably continue the up trend. Sales do not see here.

the Fundamental news APR S&P/ASX 200 + 0,61% Shanghai Composite + 0.39 percent, the Shenzhen Composite + 0,37%, Hang Seng Index + 1,26% KOSPI + 1.00% as the Nikkei 225 market closed Press conference official representative of the foreign Ministry of the people's Republic of China leg of Shuang

Asian markets rise for the second consecutive day, amid the launch of an increasing number of enterprises. The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry said that by the end of the week logistics and industrial power will be restored almost in full, in addition to Hubei province, where Wuhan city.

Geng Shuang Reminded his fellow citizens and the world that the who and the IMF conducted a review of the level of medicine, economic risks, recognizing the presence of all the possibilities China has to cope with the pandemic.

Today morning the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will decide on interest rates. Before this event, Australia will publish consumer sentiment index.

USA NASDAQ + 0.11 percent, Dow Jones — 0.001% of S&P 500 + 0,17%

American indexes showed restrained reaction to the speech by Jerome Powell in Congress. The fed believes that the US economy is resilient to external risks, shows 11 years of continuous growth, but may suffer in the long run from an outbreak of coronavirus.

Investors have not heard of proposals to stimulate growth in the GDP as Powell made clear about the freezing of a rate cut in the near future.

In the second half of the day traders waiting for:

18-00 –Continuation of the fed Jerome Powell 18-30 – crude oil Inventories Eurozone CAC40 + 0,65% FTSE + 0,87% DAX + 0,99%

the UK GDP above forecasts of analysts, led to active buying of shares, supported by the information Agency Reuters. Business newspaper published a risk assessment of the European Commission, whose members believe that the coronavirus COVID-19 (official new name), will cause minimum damage to the EU economy.

In 13-00, Eurostat will publish the index of changes in the volume of EU industrial production for December is the only news on this segment of the session.

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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