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Old fifty dollars (history of the new York taxi driver who works every day) - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 15:53 80 years on the Internet


I even remember where she dropped me. Downtown on Broadway and fourth street, on the left was the Tower Records store. My favorite store in the city CDs. All the cool stuff that appeared in the world of music was in this store. Always filled with visitors. The queue at the cashier. The two floors. At the bottom of the rock and pop music. Upstairs jazz and classic. The average price of a disc – sixteen dollars an hour of work in a taxi. Well, what is the hour, if double First Chicago in 1969, I was ready to work as a loader for a month.

it Was about eight in the evening. Up to ten new York taxi driver in his work pause and I was about to go home, because tomorrow again replaced by six in the morning. Cheated, I said to myself, if there is a free Parking lot next to Tower Records, I go just to buy anything I will not. I was driving down Broadway and stood on the traffic light on fifth street, I saw that on fourth street, just next to the store, there is free space.

the store is arranged so that you can just walk about and dig into the disks, to high. Please want to buy, don't buy. No you are not annoying. You can take the disk in hand, to watch cast, year of publication, view the entire discography of the musician. On frontdesk is salesman and he's a DJ. The acoustics on the second floor in Tower Records, as in the concert hall. DJ's spinning anyway. A topic well knows. Remembers regular customers. Seeing me from afar, smiled and showed the disk. Like, I have something new for you, put it in the player. Oregon.


— Reissue of early recordings. Three drive — said:

— Ralph Towner is already playing with them.

— do you know how many will be sixteen in three? Someone thinks on a calculator and say forty — eight. No – fifty. Forty-eight plus Tex — tax. Fifty more of those old dollars. No, that kind of money to put on the CD I could not. Salesmen understood and turned his attention to the buyer who, on hearing the track, went and bought all three CD's. Annoyed, I left immediately. The time has come to nine, still had to break through traffic on the Brooklyn bridge. Only started the car like the window on the driver side tapped the young woman. She spoke good English, was dressed with an Oriental flavor – too gaudy and gilded, it is the European face was badly painted and painted temporarily had hair under a scarf. Set it was aggressive and did not try to hide it. I turned on the lights to “off duty ” and the law had no right to deny her. She sat back, strongly slammed the door. — Follow that car! she said loud and too rough, so I couldn't feel humiliation. My plans did not include somewhere to go, and even embarrassment at Tower Records. I was upset, I could not resist and suddenly blurted out: "be quiet"

to be honest, I'm not really feeling the language nuances. I always thought that "be quiet" is something like down, but it turned out almost "shut up."

She said,

— You Russian?

Not wanting to explain anything to her, I said,

— Yes!

Then she said in Russian, but in quite a different tone:

— Please. Need to catch up with that car, but so that they didn't see us.

is a Woman and I a taxi. You gave me the address, I brought you in, and in any, there the spy game I'm not. If you need someone to follow, then please hire a special service.

— I beg you, — she said and began to cry. I looked at her in the rearview mirror and saw that she was crying as my wife and years, she, like my wife, about thirty, turned on the meter and asked:

— what they're chasing?

— For my husband she said.

I'm the taxi driver who works every day. My driving experience is the experience of a military pilot during the war. As dragway in Manhattan, I do not drive no one, except another taxi driver who works every day. I caught up with gray Lincoln, which she showed through two quarters. Keep a healthy distance. Lincoln went to Lexington and thirtieth, where cheap hotels, I was behind him.

They stopped at the end of the street near a small Park. The car left her husband with some black bixou and disappeared in the door.

Here's fifty dollars — she threw the bill onto the front seat. — When I return, you will get another fifty, and followed her husband.

I got a clock, it was nine, and thought I'd wait for her for an hour, and then leave. But within twenty minutes to the hotel howling ambulance arrived, followed by the cops. I realized that I needed to go.

Towner Records were closed. In Brooklyn I stopped by the night supermarket and did shopping for fifty dollars for three people for an entire week.

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