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Pianino - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 16:26 80 years on the Internet

We had a folding travel kayak Salyut–2. This boat bought a year ago in a Tourist store on Tolbukhin. All last summer I went on Braslavsky lakes, and this year decided to descend from Borisov on the Berezina down to the Dnieper, and the Dnieper to go upstairs to Rogachev, where my father was. Tourists we were experienced and well-equipped. Me and my brother Eugene.

To the Berezina, we got a ride in a car. In an hour have collected the boat, loaded and sailed. It was the end of summer, a nice warm Sunny evening. Amazing scenery on both sides of the river clean. Silence. River sunset. From a state of ecstatic contemplation brought us the shout:

— Hey, guys, swim here!

on the Left was facing the river, the backdrop of a factory. On the shore lay planed sticks wood good. At the top of the barricade with a fishing pole stood a man dressed, despite the warm weather in a coat. He beckoned to us with gestures. We swam up. The man depicted in "smoke", I showed him from afar a pack of Orbit. He is quite playfully, not releasing the rods from the hands, jumping on logs came down and pulled a deft pinch of the stretched pack two cigarettes, said apologetically:

— Gat me so night.. I've been the watchman the watchman.

— what do you protect?

— Drawe..

— From whom?

— Kalgan boat wood for peninki on drawy traduci.

— What pianino? – I asked.

Factory where Pieniny robyats.

— And if people have nothing to heat the oven, ' I said, wanting to get the native something of the folklore, literature, which would then be painted in the faces,

high ze ¡Les I narouze Saba DRO, — said the man a fishing rod somewhere in space.

— you mind?

— Yes, SKADA — said the man with vehemence, I touched on some important theme for him.

— so how do you protect people's property?

I immediately understood that he can speak "you."

— Ganyayut, ' said the man. — Sleaze, boys, time you takiya good, into further I security mebbe you ¡I vypich to Segesta

we had a flask of vodka, for medical purposes. I poured the man in the removable Cup, and asked:

— have a Snack to give you?

— Have it treba, I am the bread scale s Saba our case Cali wypych offer, ' said the man. He swallowed the vodka and ate something nibble at my right pocket.

— Here Celia gang I chase, ' said the man

— How?

— I have one thing Ana bayatstsa.

He took out from the deep left pocket of his coat, disposable rocket launcher. – Want to shoot? It's evening, be nice. Pour me another plyashechko.

— Where is that from?

— in-law of ensign, said the man.

— I need two – I said.

— Hundred gram I cigarety into ¢ a pack zastala.

the Deal was made. Razomlev vodka man said,

— If you Panda need? We can agree, the lads from the shop will make, "Belarus", a Nalgene.

— Where would we a piano, — I showed on the kayak.

Well, I know not. Does adny Armenians on kateri pad ascase, PA jwe stuck Baruch

— What the whole piano?

— Yes, piano. No lumps, the stove to heat, and piano. Resumees, chamuel I gatih of belarusica chase.

said Goodbye to the man, we pushed off from shore, went out in the middle of the river and in unison, the exhausted movements drove his canoe downstream, hurrying to get away from the city before dark. Somewhere in the distance there was cotton and soared up into the sky purple rocket.

the salute for us, ' said my brother.

I included the Spidola and turned on the Polish radio "Adenka".

"Best saxophone Poland — Zbigniew Namyslowski," said DJ.

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