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Jared diamond — Guns, germs and steel - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 16:32 80 years on the Internet


Apparently, the rule of "several hundred" — the upper limit of size at which everyone knows everyone, applicable to all types of human associations in General. For example, in societies of States of that type where we live, the school Director would know all of their students, if them some hundreds — but not if they are a few thousand. One of the reasons why the management of the societies, exceeded the threshold of a few hundred members, almost always switches with the tribal type on wodecki, is that with the growth of the difficult task of conflict resolution between strangers becomes more and more urgent.

the tribe potential tensions relieves by the fact that each member is associated with most of the other either by blood or by marriage or both. Family relationship as a basis for social unity simply make unnecessary the police, law and other institutions of arbitration inherent to larger communities, because any two quarreled villagers are quite common relatives, who will have pressure on them and will not allow you to bring the dispute before violence.

When living a traditional way of New Guinea, two strangers happened to meet by chance in the distance from their villages, they began to talk in detail about their relatives — to find among themselves any communications, which could provide them with a reason not to kill each other.

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