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Red wings - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 17:13 80 years on the Internet

There are No impossible to repair, there is a reasonable cost.

Red Wings!

Who once had a couple from the Red Wings in his Shoe humidor, I'll never forget her and anything would not change.

of course, They are different models, and this pair, which is the subject of this detailed post — also legendary.

ten Years regularly worn, but in the end were thrown in a box for long-term storage.

No, not unnecessary, and that, then, someday, someone will make them, and two years passed.

Today they have to work with and are a star posting.

Unglued sole was leaking water

the Lost part of the joints

Well, nabesna part is worn to toe

Heels are worn

the Sole too, should be replaced

Pretty barren, with bad backs unglued and soles, they came to us in this form.

the Recovery process is not fast, and will need to alter frayed seams, replace soles, to make them cheerful — and so something else to do that will be found at autopsy.

Awful? No, it's not so bad

part of the lining has rotted

Left Shoe is already on the block

by Removing the sole, I expected there to see the consequences of wear in wet and rainy weather. Leather Welt rotted, but the lining is pretty out of order. Well, do not trouble poklek new pieces. And before you start to the main works, put the shoes on the pads and thoroughly moisten it, of course.

the New part of the padding

not ready Yet, but it is wearable

a good sole from Magna

Pieces new pads made from old jeans, the first layer of the main sole is made of microporous rubber and wear resistant layer with a thickness of 6 mm will be from the company Maagna.

everything else — save the profile of the soles with small heel.

By this time, most of the work on podlivu backdrops, the old sewing seams completed.

We are coming close to finishing.

Capes thoroughly waxed

Not new, but thoroughly restored

Red Wings — almost killed shoes

POLIFOAM a Little scuffing on the headlands, but will not seal rytinki. Apply a brown cream and clear it. Boots darkened without color, the cream has in its composition sufficient pigment to give the Shoe a nice look.

But without a separate cleaning capes, there is no feeling of completion.

Questions for General fun in this post.

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