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A decent officer pahanata - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 17:51 80 years on the Internet


the Deputy commander of part on the New Earth, where after the kidnapping sent the employee FBK Ruslan Samedinova, at least in two occasions tried to deceive the families of the recruits.

In 2014 at the previous place of service Boyukaga Agabekov ordered a subordinate to write a suicide note on behalf of the ordinary was found hanged, which led the investigation to false conclusions. An officer checked the IC, but found no evidence of a crime — Agabekov got off with a reprimand. Four years earlier he lied to the parents of a soldier that died at the hands of colleague — the officer said that their son fell down the stairs and hit his head.


At first glance it may seem that it is the result of some particularly zealous investigations FBC in retaliation for the call of their functionary. Nothing like a little bit in each significant part of the commander or his Deputy has a similar skeleton in their closet, if not associated with the death of the soldiers, much to their beatings for sure. Deaths typical I/h like New Earth because there is nowhere to run. But now not about it.

this Is the portrait of a Russian officer leading their glorious tradition from Soviet times. These are the concepts of honor, all the security forces. It's just a fact of the current time. Make no mistake, and God forbid, to be sure.

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