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The statement of the scientists and journalists about "Business Network" - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 18:00 80 years on the Internet


We are the Russian scientists and scientific journalists, outraged by the verdict in the so-called "case "of" Network", issued February 10, 2020 in Penza.

the Seven young people who have not committed any dangerous acts, sentenced to prison terms from 6 to 18 years for allegedly creating a "terrorist community". Such a harsh accusation based on extremely questionable "evidence". Prisoners repeatedly reported about the tortures they were subjected to extract confessions, but these statements during the investigation and trial were virtually ignored.

All we know about "business "network" of", suggests that it is entirely fabricated. Frankly unjust sentence is evidence of complete paralysis of an independent judicial system in our country. Unlike those fictional "terrorist attacks" that supposedly "going to plan" convicted, a decision on the "case "of" Network" is a real act of terrorism which deals a severe blow to the foundations of Russian statehood.

We demand the immediate overturn the verdict on the "case "of" Network", with senseless cruelty, smashing the fate of our fellow citizens. We demand to investigate the circumstances of the fabrication of the case, punish the people involved, officers and ensure strict compliance with the law by all military and law enforcement agencies. Terror against its own citizens is incompatible with the normal development of our country and detrimental to its science, culture and education.

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