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Coronavirus came — brought order - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 18:39 80 years on the Internet

AST amid the outbreak of coronavirus and harsh criticism of the medical community has decided to suspend the sale of the book bloggers of antiprivacy Anton Amantani "to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? or Well, I think, shot! Myths about vaccination". The book was published in February. The publisher called the move unprecedented.

In the Preface the author proposes to figure out whether vaccinations are safe and effective, wrote that "there is no competent research that would confirm the safety of vaccines" that they can cause autism and contain large amounts of aluminium, and people who refuse vaccination, "the majority of the well educated and rich". The book was published with the stamp "is Not a textbook of medicine. Editorial opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the author."

As noted, "Meductic", with the pseudonym of Amantani hidden electronic engineer residing in Israel. He said that he had decided to look into the scientific studies of vaccination, when his daughter was born. "I decided to share with the world the research found and according to which vaccinations are more dangerous than the diseases against which they protect," explained Amantani portal, adding that his views are supported by "thousands of people, among them hundreds of doctors and scientists." According to him, the medical data are processed within three years.

After the book of Amantani said that "the wildness and the pressure on publishing in social networks". "Our opponents understand that from a blog online is easy to dismiss, and its just easier to ignore than to try to refute. But the books dismiss it just won't work. They understand that to refute the facts, they are not able to, therefore they will try to ban a book," wrote a blogger in Facebook.

the Book is really perceived in bayonets. Member of state Duma Committee on health, Alexander Petrov proposed to equate the calls to refuse to vaccinate for extremist activity. "We need to block information, which generally concerns the denial of the necessity of vaccination in any media, to attribute it to the threat. The harm from neprivychki may be in the forecast for the future is much more", — the Deputy said the Agency "Moscow".

Representatives of the medical community are outraged by the consent act to the publication of the book of Amantani. Pediatrician Fedor Katasonov said was the most likely source of information that the author cites as evidence of its position, the resource PubMed. This is a collection "of all published medical research, correct and incorrect, high-quality and slapdash, honest and customized," says the doctor.

"PubMed is not a storehouse of evidence, is a library of raw materials, which then need to be verified and summarized in major reviews. In this work, the majority of conclusions from small studies, corrected or refuted. Amantani takes the part of the scientific raw material, which confirms his vision, and ignores the rest. It's not scientific, but cheap speculation," wrote Katasonov on the page.

the Negative reviews for the book posted on their pages in social networks, co-founder of "Evolution", a member of the Commission to counter the falsification of scientific research of RAS Peter Talent and other members of the medical community. Talents, whose books also came out in AST, believes that the publication of the work of Amantani causes serious damage to the reputation of publishers and authors who published there.

"AST Publishing group provides the opportunity to make argument of a different opinion, completely different to the authors subject to the legislation of the Russian Federation", — stated in a press release on the suspension of sales of books Amantani.

the Publisher plans to hold a round table with the participation of experts on the topic of censorship in the field of publication of books of medical subjects. "There is a plane of legal norms, within which is enshrined the concept of "freedom of speech" and "lack of censorship". Who should determine whether the expressed opinion of the journalist, blogger or media person as a potential threat and not an alternative view of the conventional installation?", the statement reads AST.

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