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The superpower of shit and sticks - all - popular 12.02.2020 at 19:40 80 years on the Internet


I read the title, as much tea and nearly choked :) And many of the "politology" I do not believe that grandpa CocaCola, and talk about all the latest dvizhuha as something amenable to rational explanation, pre-planned act. And it's simple. Grandfather wanted to create a "superpower", and Lukashenko again refused (expected, though). My grandfather is losing it. Hence the sudden and strange change of Constitution, dissolution, Medvedev, etc. All wondering — what happened after the end of the current term soon. There are some "ehovtsy" tell us about the intricacies of Putin's policies, dozens of explanations of why. And almost no one quoted Boris Nemtsov. And, as usual, the simplest answer is correct.

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