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Doctors found the risk of snoring 12.02.2020 at 09:31

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Today, about snoring there are many myths. For example, many believe that his appearance does not affect health, but the discomfort it causes only to those who hear it. However, the doctors identified the real danger that occurs due to snoring.

According to the doctor-otolaryngologist of the highest qualification Alexei Koshelev, snoring during sleep may signal the presence of significant health problems, so take this need seriously. The doctor said that snoring by itself does not pose a threat to human life, but often snoring people face delays in breathing during sleep. It is reported that the apnea duration is 10 seconds, can have detrimental effects on the body.

”the biggest trouble at night breathing is that the person begins to receive less oxygen. If this happens regularly, then it may result different troubles with the cardiovascular system. Snoring itself is not very scary, but if it is accompanied by stopping of breathing during sleep, it is a very big problem. It affects both children and adults”, – concluded the expert.