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New Samsung Galaxy S20 and Z Flip terms obzorschika — whether they are worthy the purchase? 12.02.2020 at 09:43

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I looked yesterday online stream Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2020 and this article will tell you about his impressions of her, and about what eventually happened new smartphones Galaxy S20, and the most important thing.

the Presentation began with the story about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This is a new smartphone with a folding screen from Samsung: when folded, it resembles a vanity mirror with the compact and unfolded — a smartphone with a screen size of 6.7 inches.

it is Clear that the example of Galaxy Z Flip company honing technology of folding screens, although the scene has been much loud and meaningless words on potential buyers: they want to be pioneers, want to stand out. Nevertheless, the device looks interesting — but not at the expense of a shiny glass surface, but rather at the expense of its form factor. I think the smartphone will be really easy to hide in pocket, although he and stout (on the other hand, wore as we once thick phones, including in Trouser pockets).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Z Flip Galaxy Android 10 + One UI 2.0 Screen 6,7’, 1080h2636 pixels, 22:9, AMOLED External display is 1.1", 300x112 pixels, AMOLED Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8150 855+ memory 8 GB Storage 256 GB Camera Primary: 12 MP f/1.8 is Front: matrix resolution: 10 MP f/2.4 Battery 3300 mAh Dimensions (folded) 73,6x87,4x17,3 mm Dimensions (unfolded) 73,6x167,3x7,2 mm Weight 183 g Price 120 thousand rubles

On the outer surface is a mini-display, which in the closed state displays the basic information. And there's even possible to see yourself when taking a selfie.

to Expand the screen to any angle and when this angle is less than 180 smartphone is converted into an analogue dual-screen. A special mechanism keeps the screen in this position and the smartphone can be, for example, to put on the table as a kind of micro-laptop (optional, system of fibers bending and protects the movement from dust).

here's the "camera hole"

However, in the unfolded state, we see another camera, which is represented by a “hole” in the screen. On the one hand, it is clear why she is there for video chatting. On the other, as it slightly spoils the whole concept. As the price of 1380 dollars (120 thousand rubles) — even the S20 is cheaper.

In General, good luck “pioneer”, and we move on to S20.

Galaxy S20, S20 and S20 Plus Ultra

the characteristics of the entire line: S20, S20 and S20 Plus Ultra was leaked a long time ago, nothing new here.

Left to right: Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra Plus and S20 S20 S20 S20 Ultra Plus Android Operating system 10 + One UI 2.0 Android 10 + One UI 2.0 Android 10 + One UI 2.0 Screen 6.2’, 1440h3200 pixels, 20:9, AMOLED, HDR10+, 120 Hz to 6.7’, 1440h3200 pixels, 20:9, AMOLED, HDR10+, 120 Hz 6,9’, 1440h3200 pixels, 20:9, AMOLED, HDR10+, 120 Hz 990 Exynos Processor with 8 cores, up to 2.7 GHz Exynos 990, 8 cores, up to 2.7 GHz Exynos 990, 8 cores, up to 2.7 GHz RAM 8 GB 8 GB 12 GB Storage 128 GB + Micro SD 128 GB + Micro SD 128 GB + Micro SD Triple Camera: 12 MP f/1,8 (main) + 12 MP f/2,2 (extra wide) + 64 MP f/2.0 (tele), video quality: to 3240@30 FPS Front: matrix resolution: 10 MP f/2,2 Triple: 12 MP f/1,8 (main) + 12 MP f/2,2 (extra wide) + 64 MP f/2.0 (tele), video quality: up to 3240@30 FPS Front: matrix resolution: 10 MP f/2.2 Quad: 108 MP f/1,8 (main) + 12 MP f/2,2 (extra wide) + 48 MP f/3.5 (tele) + sensor depth, the quality of the video: to 3240@30 FPS Front: matrix resolution: 40 MP f/2.2 Battery 4000 mAh 4500 mAh 5000 mAh battery Dimensions 151,7x69,1x7,9 mm 161,9x73,7x7,8 mm 166,9x76x8,8 mm Weight 163 g 186 g 220 g Price 70 thousand rubles 80 thousand roubles, 100 thousand roubles

Since the beginning of the story of the S20, the company noted that most modern users interested in camera - or rather, the quality of her material (pictures and videos). Well, then I fully support the trend — indeed, the smartphones from different manufacturers today have become largely the same, but for the camera they still compete with each other. Samsung, incidentally, is among the leaders.

However, specifically about the quality of the pictures it was a little more precisely, about how better. Not enough as a comparison with competitors or with yourself, but in the past years.

But Samsung has boasted that the whole presentation is removed, and is broadcast with several Galaxy S20, which in this case is more a minus than a plus. The idea is simple: let's see what can our camera, but the result was not pretty.

first, the resolution of the broadcast was limited to Full-HD smartphone with the shooting 8K (we'll get to) somehow weak and not impressive. Second, the quality of the broadcast is still cool, I wouldn't call even adjusted for resolution — and all because that special television cameras not for nothing are their millions. On the smartphone you can shoot great video, especially if the lighting is good, but to broadcast live from the dark hall, where you often need to switch at very large plans the speakers... No, this task is definitely not for smartphones. In any case, not modern. Samsung Galaxy S20 with this problem, in my opinion, not right — especially for large plans.

Yes, we can talk about the 30x zoom on a 64-megapixel sensors (models S20 and S20 Plus) and 100x zoom on a 108-megapixel S20 Ultra, but we understand that one of the components of this result - digital zoom, which is still tolerable and sometimes even almost not noticeable with a multiplier of 2, well 3, but since the 5x is just a terrible soap, that makes you want to wash the eyes.

Consider the maximum optical zoom at S20/S20+ is 3, and S20 Ultra — 10x. Accordingly, in all cases it was about an additional 10x digital zoom that was later demonstrated using two, as I understand it, help. They clearly showed how the soap turns out when I enable digital zoom with such a large multiplier, but for some reason delighted by this result. Me personally, even embarrassed that they have in the background (view of San Francisco and the Golden gate bridge) nothing is moving (sea, cars, boats), only the hair on his head rustled and the grass on the foreground. But maybe I just thought so.

the Bloggers show photos of soap

However, given all of the above, as well as the fact that translation is often switched on close-UPS of speakers, it is not surprising that the quality of the stream is limited to Full-HD.

In General, the quality of the pictures is what you will have to test by hand, so waiting for S20 (any, but preferably all three) in our office. It is unlikely that he will be worse than the S10/Note10 and these smartphones getting just amazing. Plus, I highly doubt that 108 MP sensor in the S20 Ultra the same as in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, and 64 megapixel — both in Realme XT. With these sensors even quality S10/Note10 not to achieve, but S20 (any) have to shoot better. Although, it is the main camera in the S20/S20 Plus — 12-megapixel, and as it is not the same as the S10.

by the Way, S20 Ultra used “supernotes” the regime of Association is not four and nine pixels in the one — in theory, this should very well affect the result. But again — need to test.


Well, let's talk about 8K. First tell, why bother to strive for higher resolution video, especially when such content yet, but the TVs are like a plane (and they are few).

How it works I can assure you that the video resolution does not happen much. The higher the resolution, the more opportunity for cropping, even if you are going to publish Full-HD. Another thing is that the processing of such video requires a powerful computer, but smartphones with this for a little coping (there is no contradiction and smartphones become more powerful the PC, the fact is hardware encoding, but now without details — and too much to explain).

So 8K is good, isn't it, we haven't said anything about frame rate. In the leaks of the specifications stated 30 fps, which is good, but there is little for the modern videoblogging (although the stream 8K/60fps — it will be such a load on the matrix, the processor and memory, that will not find), but later the rumor was that the frame rate will reduce to 24 at all like in the movies. A kind of minimum tolerance threshold. At the presentation, unfortunately, nothing about it said. As high-speed shooting in a lower resolution.

From what I found on the net, it turns out that in 4K you can shoot up to 60 fps, in Full HD up to 240 fps. not Bad, but to super-fast shooting 960-1000 fps, as the competitors does not hold. Although, if the quality of the 240 fps is great — it's not scary.

The company promises a good stability even in 8K, with the help of special algorithms — well, a large margin resolution really allows you to dub footage even without an optical stabilizer (it is there, but hardly used in 8K, high 4K), but the resolution happens a little less.

But the main thing is 8K will be in all three smartphones, and not just in S20 Ultra. As, incidentally, and 5G.

Yes, for us this is not true. But just for information — 5G would be all over the S20. This is already a standard.

in addition, interesting: all smartphones will be equipped with a memory LPDDR5 (at S20 Ultra — 12 GB, the rest 8 GB) and screens with a resolution QuadHD 3200h1440 pixels, support HDR10+ and, most interestingly, a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Another standard trend for 2020. However, the manufacturer indicates on the website that by default the screens will work at 60 Hz and 120 Hz have to enable in the settings. I really hope that this is not some software emulation “a La 120 Hz”, but in any case — the battery will sit down quickly, it will have to be considered.

After the display of Samsung spoke about the collaboration with Netflix, Microsoft Xbox (Forza race Street will be at the store Galaxy Store), but overall it wasn't particularly important. And about the new headphones Buds+ only said that it will hold 22 hours (two times for 11 hours with intermediate charging through the case, like at all).


Presentation lasted not very long, little more than an hour (Apple broadcasts almost 2 hours, and sometimes more), and at first it seemed that there were a lot of things. However, when I sat down to write this text, I realized that in addition to their own records in the course of the broadcast for me and nothing special. All the characteristics were already known, some refinements or sudden surprises did not happen, and water from the stage poured into an Olympic swimming pool.

Last year's model cheaper is good

demonstration of the capabilities of the camera turned out probably the least clear among all the presentations that I remember, and the rest was not as casually. Well, Yes, 120 Hz display, and pass the butter, please. LPDDR5 and salt still, yeah, you need ketchup? Mayonnaise? Yes, there is, near the new Exynos 990.

5G devoted more time, but we are not yet relevant. And all the talk from the series — fast, actually instantly, and very very cool.

So, if we talk about the presentation itself, the most interesting thing was to watch the beginning about Galaxy Z Flip. Then - well, nothing. Does not work yet with Samsung to copy Apple's passions. Yes, and Apple CEO Tim cook, to be honest, until Apple's Steve jobs still do not get.

Maybe well them, these pretentious presentations online broadcasts? Would bloggers from the demo zone and they would be there broadcast, and we have watched the people twirl the actual phones in hand and share their experiences.

But the back panel camera I still don't like. Never thought I'd say this after 2017, but even the iPhone somehow prettier