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Google takes exclusive feature of the clamshell Samsung Galaxy Z Flip on other Android smartphones 12.02.2020 at 16:32

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Yesterday evening was the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, in which was presented an exclusive feature — ability to split the display into two independent screen, called Flex. As it turned out, though Samsung said that this innovation will be implemented only within the framework of its corporate flexible clamshell, but in reality all a little differently.

So, Google will soon bring this feature in so-called “clean” version of Android, which makes it available for all devices running the green robot. And this is great news, because thanks to this feature, the cots produced by other market players will also be able to split a single screen into two distinct parts, one of which, for example, the content will be displayed, and a second control panel.

it is likely that Flex, among other things, are interested in manufacturers of mobile games. In this case, in the near future we can expect a whole lot of new games, the mechanics of which will resemble something similar to what we've seen previously on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.