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Social work with dysfunctional family

Swansea city 12.02.2020 at 22:25

Football club "Swansea city" (Swansea City Association Football Club). The team from Wales, established in 1912, now a member of the English Premier League. Swansea

I was talking about my first experience in a social service and the "output" field. All this information will be useful for both novice and experienced to get useful information and to avoid the passed me errors.

In this article, I'll explain in detail the stages of work of the precinct social services with troubled families.

At each stage of the precinct social service with a dysfunctional family there is a collection of information that makes it impossible to identify family problems and set goals work. View vacant Manager you can by clicking on the link.

1. Identification of a dysfunctional family.

2. Gathering information about the family.

3. Familiarity with a dysfunctional family.

4. The beginning of cooperation and attraction of families to the permanent joint cooperation on the basis of the contract.

5. The signing of the Treaty precinct social services with a dysfunctional family on joint cooperation.

6. Mapping the social rehabilitation of the family.

7. Programming of individual social rehabilitation of the family.

8. Work with a dysfunctional family expert, teacher, psychologist precinct social services on the individual program of social rehabilitation of the family.

the moment of concluding the agreement on joint cooperation with a dysfunctional family, and community social services takes the family under social patronage.

Social patronage is a form of individual address social support and necessary services provided on a long-term basis for families and children to mobilize and support their capabilities.

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