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Medvedchuk acknowledged the "external management" of Ukraine

View 13.02.2020 at 09:16

Business newspaper "Sight"

External control of Ukraine is a fait accompli, which affects not only politics, but also on the adoption of important state decisions, said the Chairman of political Council of party "Oppositional platform For life" Viktor Medvedchuk.

According to him, the Ukrainian authorities headed by President Vladimir Zelensky has lost autonomy in making key decisions. Medvedchuk believes that there may be two reasons for this.

"First, most natural, does not want the President himself. He wants to stay in the perspective of external control, which is imposed by Washington, the West in 2014. It took place when [former President] Petro Poroshenko, it still continues today", – he declared in interview to TV channel "112 Ukraine".

the Second reason Medvedchuk believes external control of the country, which "affects not only politics and the adoption of important state decisions, it affects the economy." According to the Deputy, this is confirmed by the actions of the ruling majority in Parliament.

"the Laws are written somewhere. More precisely, known. They are written outside of the Verkhovna Rada, its committees, in the offices of people's deputies. They there receive. After all, there are biographies of people who have their so-called credit history: where they worked, with whom and how they got into the Parliament," he added.

the MP added that the team Zelensky is unusable, and properly implement the strategic objectives impossible.

"They are now working on the legalization of gambling, on the sale of land, change labor laws, simplifying the opportunity to lobby certain industries that are of interest to those who are not even in the country. It's all the tasks of the centre the same Soros (American financier George Soros – approx. VIEW), from other Western centres," concluded Medvedchuk.

Earlier Zelensky said he did not feel the influence of American financier George Soros on Ukraine. The President assured that he is definitely not one of the "sorozat".

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