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The mystery woman, who, in the film Charlie Chaplin's "the Circus" 1928 talking on the phone

NEWS PLANET 13.02.2020 at 10:27

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A Decade ago, netizens discussed the mystery of one woman who was like talking on the phone in Charlie Chaplin's "the Circus" in 1928. The time traveler appeared in the film for a moment, but managed to make a lot of noise, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

In 2010, an Irishman named George Clarke found on the bonus materials of the film "Circus", recorded on DVD, a strange woman, to explain the behavior of which is difficult today. Then have inflamed the debate between users of the Network. There was even explored all the advances in technology that would remind mobile phone.

On the tape, which was able to detect after a time, the woman is in the background near the decorations in the form of Zebra and says in something hidden in his hand. The woman herself is unrealistic to consider even at maximum zoom: the face hidden by the hat and hand.

Even if the unknown was the phone, then it is not clear where he took the signal, if cell towers were not. Maybe a woman just put something to your ear because it hurt. The explanation can be eerily banal, that's just impossible to test or disprove a particular theory.