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Traditional carnival in Viareggio. Video

Naples Slavonic 07.02.2020 at 07:43

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From the 1st February to the 23rd February is the 147th satirical carnival in Viareggio, Italy, famous for its parades with the participation of a huge allegorical figures of politicians and public figures from papier-mache. Foto: Foto: is Traditionally a carnival procession moving along the promenade of the town. A feature of the carnival in Viareggio, as noted above, are considered to be a gigantic allegorical figures of papier-mache, the largest of which weigh about forty tons. As a rule, figures ridiculed public and political figures. Foto: First Viareggio's carnival parade was held in 1873-the year. Then the representatives of the middle and upper classes decided to organize a parade. The poor didn't like it, and in protest against the festivities of the rich and high taxes, they took to the streets in masks. Foto: Viareggio Carnival 2020 dates parades Feb 1: opening night parade Feb 9: the second carnival parade February 16: the third carnival parade February 22: fourth pageant February 23: closing of carnival, the Decision to annually hold the parade was finally decided only in 1883 year. Since then, the carnival arranged regularly and each year is gaining popularity. News, Naples