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The miracle of turning on the VIDEO: IN Naples Fiat 500 blocked the whole street

Naples Slavonic 08.02.2020 at 07:22

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On YouTube re the video gained popularity, it was taken on one of the close streets of Naples, where he tried to turn the owner of the subcompact Fiat 500. The show got decent attention Monty Python: in 9 minutes, while the unfortunate driver kept turning around in the street, a crowd gathered, and in addition to the car he held up the cavalcade of bikers and the procession with the priest at the head, who praised the Lord when the maneuver has succeeded. The crowd gathered to see the ordinary spectacle, made him unforgettable. Although he could simply raise the compact Fiat and take it away from sin. First, check-out locks the car with one hand, then the other. The driver sitting inside standing in the way of "five hundredth" begins noticeably nervous when going around the audience. Some are beginning to remove the event on camera, someone scolds a klutz, someone laugh... And Yes, the best is yet to come. To resolve the situation of trying an officer of the police and local traffic police. To no avail. In addition to the traffic to stop on a narrow street forced several colorful bikers whose vehicles only slightly less than the Fiat 500.

To the final, like it happens in a staging of the Comedy, comes a Church procession. Realizing that holding back the Lord's servants, the driver was confused even more. By this time the stage looked with all the neighboring balconies. And when the driver finally made a cunning maneuver, he was greeted with a standing ovation, shouting "Bravo". Thank-you and the priest raised his hands to the sky. News, Naples