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Legnaro, Padua: two Moldavian arrested for thefts from supermarkets

Naples Slavonic 13.02.2020 at 05:44

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In Legnaro, in the province of Padua, two Moldavian arrested for stealing in the supermarket, despite the fact that each woman had several thousand euros.

Two women came from Moldova detained in the Italian city of Legnaro, in the province of Padua – the reason was an attempt of theft in a supermarket. As it turned out, Tatiana Untila and her friend named Oksana strata decided to hide most scored in the supermarket goods, and to pay only for some of them. But the trick didn't work, the guards watched the manipulations of women, and at the exit of the supermarket opened "scheme".

As it turned out, stole women worth more than 30 Euro for a trip to the supermarket is a fairly large amount. Your offense our compatriot tried to explain the fact that they have no money, and, they say, eat like. But the test showed – on the Bank cards each of the women lie at several thousand euros.

Author: Michael Genç /