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Healthy lifestyles, nutrition, alternative medicine: in Krasnoyarsk will host a HEALTH FAIR

Exhibition BRIDGE - news of exhibition business 12.02.2020 at 10:42

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From 24 to 26 September in Krasnoyarsk will pass the annual exhibition "health Fair". Once a year under the roof of the international exhibition and business center "Siberia" are proponents of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, professionals of traditional and alternative medicine, as well as those who are willing to offer products for the preservation and restoration of health. Now open set of participants. Invited companies that offer various techniques of treatment, health improvement and disease prevention, as well as specialists in private practice: traditional healers, herbalists, iglorefleksoterapevta, psychotherapists, homeopaths, dieticians, nutritionists, herbalists, etc. the Exhibitors will get an opportunity to meet their buyers, to meet with colleagues.