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Seminar on legal issues in the beauty field will take place at the exhibition "Ideal of beauty"

Exhibition BRIDGE - news of exhibition business 13.02.2020 at 10:40

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On 12 April the exhibition "IdealKrasoti" in Krasnoyarsk will take place the seminar "Legal issues in the field of cosmetology". Speaker – Elena Moskvicheva, a well-known analyst of the industry of beauty, an expert on the law in the beauty-sphere At the seminar will be raised many legal questions for cosmetologists and specialists in the field of cosmetology. Topics will be discussed: New forms of checks: check-lists and test purchases. - Federal register of medical organizations and the Federal register of medical workers. New requirements for licensed activities. - Marking of medicines. The transparency of the movement of drugs from manufacturer to the end consumer. - Answers to questions and individual consultations. Botulinumtoxin from hand to hand. Than it threatens the beautician. - How to check the reliability of the supplier,the legality of cosmetics, drugs and devices. - Accreditation of health professionals. What should know about cosmetologist. - Self-employed beautician. Experience bold.