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The map on the Internet the place monitoring of the banking press 13.02.2020 at 05:00

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Pay plastic cards goods and services via the Internet (Internet acquiring) in 2019 showed noticeable growth, taking significant share of payments through POS terminals. According to the largest banks, its share exceeded 25% and continues to grow. It is promoted as the increase of non-cash turnover in e-Commerce and legislative changes aimed at increasing transparency in this area. However, this year the growth rate may slow down, and trading companies – start fighting for lower rates of Internet acquiring.

According to the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT), the volume of Internet acquiring increased annually due to the growth of non-cash earnings from Internet companies. "If in the year 2018 on non-cash payments on average accounted for about 60% in 2019 to 65%,"— said the President of AKITA Artem Sokolov. This is confirmed in the banks. So, VTB in the segment of Internet acquiring increased turnover by 45%. The Bank "Russian standard" has estimated that in its acquiring network momentum purchases on the cards of all Russian banks in 2019 increased by 182%. Thus in 2018, growth to 2017 was only 47%, and in 2016 — 39,5%.

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