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As reflected in the citizens reduction of the key rate monitoring of the banking press 13.02.2020 at 05:10

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There is widespread belief: the reduction of the key rate of the Bank of Russia means that Bank loans will become more affordable, money — less and life — more fun, says the Dean of economic faculty of Moscow state University, expert of the project of the Ministry of Finance of Russia to improve the level of financial literacy of the population Sergey Trukhachev. But the reduction of the key rate does not automatically reduce the cost of ongoing cash flows: on earlier open deposits and loans interest will not change, only new, he recalls.

the Central Bank began a cycle of monetary easing last summer. Over the past eight months, the regulator has cut its key rate six times from 7.75% to 6% per annum. The last reduction took place last Friday, followed by the Central Bank hinted that it will continue this process.

For whom the reduction important? First, for the holders of rouble bonds: usually after the rate reduction and, importantly, forecasts of new reductions in the cost of these bonds increases, said Trukhachev. The longer the bond, the higher the price the more will earn their holders.

secondly, the key rate directly affects the amount of penalties, fines on overdue debts or taxes, as they are often tied to it, the expert adds. As a rule, penalties are awarded in the amount of 1/300 of the refinancing rate per day on the amount of indebtedness, and the refinancing rate is equal to the key rate of the Bank of Russia, adds the expert of the National center for financial literacy consultant to improve the financial literacy project verifikasi.of the Russian Federation Chulpan Shavaleeva.

Finally, as a result of the reduction of the key rate can be exceeded the non-taxable income for individual Bank deposits (key rate plus 5%), and then these deposits fall under taxation, the same applies to coupons on corporate bonds, said Trukhachev.

special attention deserves the question of refinancing current loans, says expert the National center for financial literacy Elena Savina. This is especially true for families with long-term loans (mortgage or car). The reduction of the key rate is a good time to reduce spending on the payment of interest and, as consequence, reduction of terms of repayment of the loan. Here you need to carefully read the terms of a loan agreement and request the Bank to provide complete information, study process and conducting of refinancing existing loans, says Savina.

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