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Labor verdict: the heads of state companies will add KPI performance monitoring of the banking press 13.02.2020 at 05:20

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Top managers of state companies will be held personally responsible for the growth of labor productivity in enterprises. This "news" have informed in Ministry of economic development. KPI with a commitment to annually increase the effectiveness of 5% fixed in the contracts of managers, but for non-plan may provide for financial sanctions. In the Railways, to ALROSA and Aeroflot said that have already included or intend to add this figure in the contracts of top managers in the near future. According to experts, toughening of requirements to heads of state companies will be hit primarily by ordinary employees will have to formally increase the average output per worker, which could lead to mass layoffs.

For the performance answer

In contracts of heads of governmental companies will add an obligation to increase productivity by 5% annually, said the Ministry. Innovations will come into force before 14 February 2020, said the Agency.

to Calculate the index are planned by a special technique developed by the Ministry. It is based on value added and number of employees who are on the staff or working under contracts of civil-legal nature (GPC), told the Agency. When negotiating technique was a lot of controversy, because each state-owned company tried to lobby for change, reflecting its unique specificity, recognized in the Ministry of economy. All the wishes of the Ministry tried to take into account, but the formula's performance kept the versatility.

state-owned companies and state corporations with their subsidiaries provide 25% of the revenue of all enterprises of the basic non-oil sectors of the economy, said the Ministry. The task of growth of labor productivity in them is fixed as the goal of the national project. In particular, it is expected that by 2021, the labour productivity in the whole country will increase by 3%, and in 2024-m by 5%.

Each unique

"Izvestia" interviewed twenty state-owned companies on the subject of whether they have changed the terms of contracts with their rukovoditelya. In the Railways said that he had brought the issue to the Board of Directors and has already laid the performance increase at 5% annually in its long-term development program. However, over the past four years, the figure and so increased by 27%, said the organization.

In "Aeroflot" has told that productivity in 2014 included in the list of KPI for top management, but at the end of 2019, the company has updated the action plan for its improvement. However, the calculation methods proposed by the Ministry of economic development, the organization criticized the cost calculation principle, inherent in it, does not take into account industry specifics, in particular the characteristics of civil aviation, said there.

In the group "ALROSA" "news" said that they changed the KPI of the company in accordance with the new directives. So, the target value of the performance metric for 2020 established in the amount of not less than 5% excluding inflation to the base 2019-mu. In addition, the Supervisory Board requested the Director-General Sergei Ivanov to provide economic development data to calculate the performance and include measures on increase in a multi-year programme. Information about change of conditions of the employment contract of Sergey Ivanov, the company "took note".

the agreement of the President of Rostelecom Mikhail Tatarstan is already provided for this KPI, have informed "news" in your organization. In 2018, the growth of labor productivity in the company was 9%, follows from the annual report.

the government Directives apply only to joint-stock companies with state participation, however, the Corporation also strive to follow this indicator. In particular, "Rostekh", "Izvestia" said that improving operational efficiency, including productivity growth, is the key instrument for achieving the objectives of the company's development strategy until 2025. The enterprise carried out modernization of production, automatiseret management, adopting elements of the "fourth industrial revolution". The average annual growth rate of labor productivity in the "assistance" exceeds 9%, said the Corporation.

the First results of the implementation of directives of the Ministry of economic development will fail in 2021, the Ministry reported. What are the sanctions for the managers of joint stock companies with state participation, which will fail to achieve the KPI, the Ministry chose not to itemize.

However, as said earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, from the implementation of standards to increase productivity will depend on the volume of state support to particular organizations. The need to increase efficiency in companies with state participation was enshrined in the directives that the government approved on 25 December 2019.

the Performance and dismissal

Productivity is a criterion consisting of a set of factors, which generally involve the company's competitiveness, said predsedatelia economies in the world without increasing the efficiency of employees.

today, However, productivity is on the periphery of the priorities of state-owned companies, he said. More important are, for example, the size of exports, the creation of social infrastructure, wage growth. Therefore, securing such KPIs for the management of the organizations, the government is doing is deliberate and correct, concluded Alexey Repik.

many state-owned companies there is no provision to increase productivity by 5% annually without a huge investment in the modernization of production and without changing the approach to asset management, said the Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Anton Danilov-Danilyan. Therefore, each of the state-controlled organizations would cost you to pick individual requirements: one Directive for all not quite fair.

the Consolidation of KPIs at proizvoditelnosti in contract management may create an unnecessary bias towards tracking this indicator and achieve it at any cost, the expert added. It can end the manipulation and distortion of statements — for example, the mass dismissal of employees, to perform the norm.