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Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin will not allow the transfer of the unused part of a national project funds for the following year. The decision by results of work in 2019 he called an exceptional system of implementation of national projects only rebuilt.

the head of the government held the first in a new composition of the Presidium of the Council for strategic development and national projects. The Cabinet earlier has already begun to improve the efficiency of design work. Until 20 February should be submitted proposals on amendments to the unified plan for the achievement of national development goals. Mishustin special attention was paid to the situation of funding. "All financial issues should be resolved quickly — funds up to performers should reach within the prescribed period and not the end of the year, as we do sometimes. Here any delays I will consider unacceptable," he stressed. In mid-February for enactment of the regulations needed to start funding the projects in this year is not over, the Prime Minister said and asked the responsible persons to accelerate.

One of the objectives of the government — to understand why not all funds were disbursed, and to take all measures so that this never happens again. "The decision to transfer unused funds from 2019 to 2020 was exceptional. This year, this should not be," warned Mikhail Mishustin. We are talking about approximately 148 billion rubles, a significant part of which relates to the comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of backbone infrastructure, the national program "Digital economy" and national project "Demography". "Last year, in terms of performance was special. This was the start of the practical work and implementation mechanisms of national projects only further debug. Therefore, at the legislative level the decision was made to transfer unused funds" — said the Prime Minister. So the people in the near future could experience the real results of the government's work on national projects, Mishustin invited the participants to discuss how best to organize this activity. Vice-premiers in charge of projects, he asked me to build a clear managerial hierarchy. "We need to make the tough ligament from the government to the municipalities," — said Mishustin. Together with the Ministers — leaders of the national projects they will need to establish operational monitoring what is happening online. This is supposed to create information-analytical system, which integrates data from all departments. As expected in the Cabinet, this will allow you to assess the risks and to prevent possible deviations of targets.

the First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov told about the changes that are proposed in the project activity to improve its effectiveness. "First, to allocate for each project and update the list of results we to the end of the year will be able to show people," he said. The list exists, but it is important to identify and accurately track the implementation of those actions which lead to the final result, and this is the focus. This, according to Belousov, the Bureau may engage in a single compact group of 10-12 people, on a regular basis — yet each considering different problems of achieving public objectives.

second, the government it is important to establish a connection with the regions where it has more than four thousand projects under the coordination of local project offices. However, their few employees do only what they write information and reports for the Federal authorities and the envoys. "To be honest, except for a few regions, this work within the region or not koordiniruyutsya koordiniruyutsya highly enough" — said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

thirdly, Andrei Belousov offers — is that the discussion is more involved in the processes of the population. As an example he cited the experience of the Ministry of transport — Department in the "standard" to gather feedback and comments on building and repairing roads. "This feedback gave effect, as it has been removed almost completely the dissatisfaction of citizens", — said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

fourth, the changes required in control system projects. Procedures should be simpler, sure Belousov. In the past year, has been significantly enlarged the powers of design committees and curators for independent changes in the project design passports and electronic budget. "I think here it is necessary to go a radical change, because the system is nominally flexible but in fact it turns out that sometimes months you have to spend to make changes in the electronic budget", — said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

Russia will create a system of monitoring the implementation of national projects

Functions a project office can split between the three structures. "Stevie", in particular, monitoring the implementation of national projects, evaluation of risks of not achieving the objectives, assessment of the impact on the achievement of development goals will be economic development. The Department of organization of project activities of the governments of organizational and analytical ensuring activities of the Bureau and project committees. Analytical center for the government will have the most important technical function — the creation and development of information-analytical system of monitoring the implementation of national projects. It must be deployed before July 31.

Vladimir KUZMIN