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Resonant bill of important Internet resources returned to the author for revision. This decision was made by the state Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications. Re-introducing the regulations may, within 30 days, explained to journalists the head of the Committee Alexander Khinshtein.

the Draft amendments to the laws on information and on personal data, the Deputy of the state Duma Anton Gorelkin made in July 2019. To important Internet resources it is proposed to include sites, pages, information systems and computer programs that allow you to collect information about users in territory of Russia. The amendments meant that the main owner of such resource must be a citizen of the Russian Federation or Russian legal entity with a share of foreign participation of not more than 20% of voting shares. The largest Russian companies spoke against the amendments. During their discussion, the actions of the Russian "Yandex" has fallen in price on the stock exchange more than 15% (later falling was played) — at that time, the structure of ownership of the it company does not formally meet the requirements set out in the bill (but was later changed).

the Government in its opinion on the amendments recommended to set the limit at 50% minus one share.

Alexander Khinshtein, commenting on the bill, called it "really relevant". He noted that the overall government policy aimed at nationalization of information resources and media, the Committee supported, and then "all depends on the specific details." "The bill has a number of shortcomings, many of its provisions are inconsistent with applicable law. For example, the only criterion of recognition of the significant resource is the ability to collect the information about users. But this can be attributed to absolutely any site and resource on the Internet, he said. We need a more objective criteria, so the decision was made to return the bill to the author has modified it to be submitted to the state Duma in the first reading."

the author of the bill has 30 days to finalize it,

Himself Anton Gorelkin said that he believes it is important to continue work on the bill. He reminded that the strategy of information society development until 2030 envisages providing technological independence and security of the Russian infrastructure.