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Payment biomass: VTB will transfer customers to cards from ekoplastika monitoring of the banking press 13.02.2020 at 07:20

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VTB give up plastic in the production of Bank cards, instead it will use eco-friendly material that is easily treated and does not pollute the environment. This "Izvestia" said the first Deputy Chairman of the financial institution Anatoly Pechatnikov. It is expected that for 2020 for the new card will go to 1 million customers. A number of banks interviewed by "Izvestia" carried out a pilot issue of "bioplastic," but for many respondents the advantages of this material are not obvious. However, experts believe that the statistics speak for themselves: only in the world issued 5.6 billion payment cards, and in Russia — 280,2 million 28 thousand and 1.4 thousand tons of non-degradable plastic, respectively.


Map will be made of polylactide (PLA) renewable biostock, said Anatoly Pechatnikov. In his words, "life expectancy" it is not inferior to analogues of the standard plastic, despite the fact that production costs are comparable.

— Clients of VTB will be able to choose a regular plastic or environmental map. For those who choose the second, the Bank will develop special incentives in the form of kesbeke and bonuses. With such a card the customer will receive an electronic reminder. It will indicate current addresses of separate waste collection and other tips for environmentally friendly behavior, — said Anatoly Pechatnikov.

However, for those who want to completely abandon physical media, you can make a digital debit card application, said a top Manager of VTB. According to him, for the first month produced more than 15 thousand virtual "plastic". Credit organizations consider that in 2020 about 100 thousand customers will go to him. The launch of digital credit cards is scheduled for the second half.


Polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable and biocompatible plastic. Raw material for production is annually renewable resources. Used for the production of products with short life cycles (food packaging, disposable tableware, packages, different packaging), as well as in medicine for production of surgical sutures and pins. PLA can be recycled repeatedly in the original resin without any loss of quality. It is not oil based and it is non-toxic when burning.

Controversial decision

Some interviewed by "Izvestia" banks from the top 30 already produce biodegradable card for the pilot projects, others are only watching the new materials and assess the feasibility. However, the future of the virtual cards, agreed bankers.

Tinkoff Bank produces a "green" map in 2016 in partnership with the world wildlife Fund. It is also made of PLA, told in the press service of the credit institution. The Bank did not specify the size of the issue in four years, but noted that the difference in cost of service no.

In Sovcombank consider the change of production material, have informed "news" the Deputy managing Director of the organization Anna Kamburova. She said that the decision will be taken after a thorough analysis.

the Transition to production of payment instruments in ecoplastic interesting Bank "Saint-Petersburg", said the head of its business Bank cards Sergey mishanin. However, no specific terms the organization puts on. The most promising they think the transition to the virtual cards.

In the press-service Bank-by-Mail reported that they were also studying the economic feasibility of the transition to Ekoplastik.

At OTP Bank have not answered the question about plans of release of cards from the biomaterial but said that a more promising option — a complete rejection of physical media and transfer of banking services in the digital field.

— PSB studied the possibility of producing maps of ekoplastika, but the Russian market can only be considered as a conditionally degradable material. The time of its collapse about 25 years. From the environmental point of view the advantages of this material are not obvious and require examination — the Director of payment cards Department of the Bank Alexander Petrov.

the remaining banks of the top 30 did not answer the query of "Izvestia". The Central Bank was unable to immediately answer the question of how the regulator applies to the cards issue of bioplastics and whether the incentives to those who support the environment.

for 15.1% of the emissions of all of the plastic cards in the world falls on financial institutions that in quantitative terms, equal to 5.6 billion units, from the data of the International card manufacturers Association (ICMA). In Russia, the credit institution has released 280,2 million, most of which are debit, it follows from the last data of the Central Bank. The bulk of cards issued by Sberbank, suggested financial analyst "BCS Premier" Sergei Dejneka.

Standard card size — 86h54 mm, it weighs 5 g. Thus, the total weight of all produced in Russia financial cards is 1.4 tons And a global issue — 28 thousand tons.

— the Transition to ecomaterial several major players though and will affect the nature, but not as significantly. However, as soon to clients of credit organisations are thinking about the environment, says Sergei Dejneka.

However, the future of virtual cards, agreed analyst with bankers. In functionality they are not inferior plastic — the same bonuses or cashback, the same discounts from partners.