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The ruble fell against the background of a sharp rise in the number of cases of coronavirus in China monitoring of the banking press 13.02.2020 at 08:00

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The Ruble depreciates significantly, Thursday morning, considering the dynamics of the commodity and em currencies whose quotes play the sad news about the upsurge in the incidence of coronavirus in China due to changes in diagnostic procedures.

the Pair dollar/ruble calculations "tomorrow" to 10.15 MSK was near the mark 63,60, and the ruble is losing 0.6 percent.

the Euro the ruble depreciates on the same quotes near 69,15.

Using new methods, the Chinese province of Hubei, where is the hotbed of coronavirus reported 14.840 new cases of infection as of 12 February, compared to 1.638 new cases on Tuesday, while the number of deaths in the province increased by a record 242 to 1.310.

The news was a grim reminder to investors about the threat to the global economy, fears which agitated the markets in recent weeks.

EAT-segment returned to reduced, oil stopped the restoration, and now the barrel Brent is estimated at 55,67 (-0,2%). On the downside, the currency of Southeast Asia, as well as dependent on exports to China the Australian and new Zealand dollars drop on stock index futures USA.

the American dollar depreciates against the yen and remains near the highest since may of 2017 values in tandem with the Euro.

Vladimir ABRAMOV. Editor Maxim RODIONOV