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Mishustin said it was impossible to help the Russians with a mortgage at 9% monitoring of the banking press 13.02.2020 at 14:00

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The mortgage is very expensive for Russians: loans at an interest rate of 9% can not help people to improve their living conditions. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the correspondent of RBC.

To the end of 2019, the average rate on mortgages in Russia amounted to 9%, the Prime Minister said. "The average mortgage rate in December of the previous year was 9%, a burden even for families with average incomes, applying for Bank loans. With this rate, we won't be able to help people to improve their living conditions, and a national development goal set by the President and which we must achieve," he said.

interest Rates on housing loans should be lowered at least below 8%, said the head of government. Mishustin added that some steps in this direction have already been made: for families with two or more children available preferential loans with interest rate of 6%. In the far East discounted mortgages even cheaper, rate it reaches 2%. "But in General, the mortgage is very expensive", — he concluded.

"What reserves we have to reduce rates? First, we need to make it so that the banks have not been able to wind rate," — said the Prime Minister. To achieve this, it is necessary to optimize the reserves and the operating costs of banks and to clarify the rules of lending to developers, he continued. Another set of measures for the promotion of housing construction and increase the efficiency of land use.

"the mortgage is a complex product, which depends on land value, construction costs, and interest rates, so we need to reduce the cost of construction, greater use of modern technologies to facilitate access for companies in the construction market", — concluded the Prime Minister.

according To the may decree of Vladimir Putin to 8% average mortgage rate is expected to decline by 2024. The Agency "National credit ratings" (NKR) in November predicted that by the end of 2020 it will reach 8.5%.

According to the survey of Raiffeisenbank, 38% of Russians who are planning to within the next year to get a mortgage, no money for a down payment. The Russians are going to take the money for the down payment from the parent capital (20%), with the sale of another property (13%) and in consumer credit (10%). 23% were willing to receive money on the security of available real estate. Only 6% of Russians were willing to save for a down payment within one year.

After 7 February, the Central Bank lowered its key interest rate, banks began to lower interest rates on mortgages. 11 February, rates have reduced VTB and Alfa-Bank — to 7.9 and of 7.99% for ready and under construction housing, respectively.