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Evolution 800W catalog of motorcycles Russia 14.02.2020 at 07:40

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Price: 29990.00 R.

elektroskuter simply turn the key and it starts. Motor is almost inaudible, the oil is not leaking, the fuel does not smell. This is the urban transport of all possible options. Of course there are still bike, but not many people want to inhale the fumes dodging in heavy traffic. And not every office has a shower...

For the operation of electrometer (e-bikes) are only necessary outlet. The battery is about 3 years, maintenance free. After the end of life to replace it.

the Full charging of accumulator is from the usual outlets about 5 hours. This is enough for almost 60km journey. Low noise levels and fire safety at operation of electric scooters enable you to use them indoors. For example in the area of warehouses and office centers, as well as in modern cottage settlements.

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