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Hors 056 catalog of motorcycles Russia 14.02.2020 at 07:40

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Price: 49088.00 R.

Test drive + Crash-test

Actually, who said that Chinese motorcycles are bad? Fans of boxed, of course, prefer to buy things in the "villages and went". Let's look at the objective reasons of such choice. Market leaders after 8-20 thousand mileage have the same resource stock. In the domestic market, the cost of such new Japanese and European art is three times that of new Chinese products. What is the reason?

as a result of a three-month research reviews brothers dvuhkonusnyh about their Pets, I've figured out:

the Metal from which made the details of the engines of scooters and motorcycles are very different in the models depending on the manufacturer. The life of the engine more from Europe and Japan. This is largely due to more respect, better road conditions and, of course, the General discipline of the owners. The sellers are always aware of what equipment they buy and bring. For starters, they won't buy the apparent "drowning" and "ostannya" devices. This is the first stage of control. Further, they also carried out a detailed diagnosis and pre-training. This is the second important stage for the equipment without run across Russia. Technique all of the above "runs" faster. Given that the run has already been passed, the details got used, stock parts replaced with the best — go sit down and be happy! What is not a surprise out of the box? :)

the New technique requires the right attitude. Due to the fact that it costs twice as much as the same, but used and three times more expensive than new Chinese, the owners or cherish it from the start, or quickly "kill" and buy a new one without regret. Of course, this is not much different from import use (small features of the climate and roads do not count).

the Most interesting and diverse world of scooters and motorcycles from China.

the material for the components is affectionately called metalloloma. The life of the engine depends on the materials, Assembly and accuracy of use. The sellers are always aware of what equipment they sell. Given the volume of sales and the number of potentially disposable units, on the back of cheap, country rides and adolescent brainlessness in an effort to "give heat", the build quality leaves much to be desired. Who is going to make a complaint, if the brakes were jammed grass, crankcase cracked and the plastic was broken? "Ušatannyj" engine shot down adjustment, cheap components... of course "chum — shit!"

really, why put a carb for $ 120.e. on a scooter for$ 800? Better to stick the piston to 70 cubic meters and fly for 2-3 months and then discard for the next season to buy a new unit...


I really do not like wearing things, especially if wearing them not me, even gently. After conferring with his beloved we decided to stay on the new scooter in that price range should stay within 50 rubles. Given that the classic stool with the growth of 180 cm is somewhat inappropriate, especially for travel together, and much like "maksik," we began to look for a full-size alternatives, but within 50 blocks. You know, law stuff...

the outcome of the choice became Hors 056 because of the size, comfortable fit, regular fairing and passenger seat with backrest and handles.

the Pros.

the Sacred moment of the drive before running revealed the following: plastic fixed well, but sometimes not until the end. Probably out of fear to pull the lugs on the plastic. Docking internal plastic and fixed crooked beak. All the clips are in their places. The engine is slightly dokruchennaya on the frame and fasteners numerous scratches. 4T the engine is running smoothly, without strain. Acceleration is slow, the CVT had to get used to, but overall this is not a "mad stool". It's a real "couch on wheels".

Accordingly, trying not to give Gary during break-in and realizing a substantial burden on a 50 CC engine (116 kg self-weight of the scooter + 80 kg pilot), able to be run-in without fanaticism.

In summary, in the drain Assembly after the first 300 km of run and adjust on a HUNDRED cruising speed 65-70 km/h, the ceiling in the native speedometer, outside 80 km/h. I truly believe that succumb to the euphoria of the ride. I am weak in mechanics and physics, because only a lover, but the DPS measured at my request, speed (downhill!) and showed 116 km/h. the same from a friend, same owner 056-th. Speed in a straight measured by radar DPS, at his request, 107 km/h.

the Disadvantages.

Slow acceleration at the traffic lights in all chetyrehchastnaya multiplied by the mass of the horse with two passengers is a serious challenge for hurried motorists hanging on the tail. You have to actively build momentum, and stock variator that is clearly not conducive.

ground clearance-makes it easy to overcome curbs, but makes the scooter less stable in strong winds. Wide beak and large area plastic creates a sail that on the bridge (including ramps, tunnels, a strong side wind on the highway) it is difficult to hold.

the Mirror off. Just fall off by themselves, when buying. To avoid this, you need to put under the mounting screws washer of larger diameter than regular head.

In summary, I can confidently say — the usual Chinese components, assembled scooter in Belarus (Ukraine, Moldova, Russia...) adequate masters, stretched the owner with minimal training and regularly in the service book maintained serviced — usable.

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