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Hors Alpha catalog of motorcycles Russia 14.02.2020 at 07:40

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Price: 27791.36 R.

Mopeds Hors Motors. Belarusian brand, confirming the reliability of Belarusian classic motorcycles to a new level. The growth of popularity of lightweight motorcycles, the company Hors Motors started the production of scooters and declares that carefully selects inexpensive, massively available components and produces really high-quality equipment. For its part, the administration purchased one of the models and conducted independent testirovanie. The results remained dovolno. Acquired equipment have proved to be excellent during, and after break-in, and brilliantly passed the crash test. Emulation of the most popular kuternoga accident laying on the side at the speed of 40km/h, not only did not affect the suspension, but also allowed to restore a decent appearance without a complete replacement of the cladding.

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