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Sym Allo 50 catalog of motorcycles Russia 14.02.2020 at 07:40

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Price: 66080.00 R.

homeland scooters Sym - Taiwan. Historically, that we distrust the Asian producers, but the Sym is a pleasant exception to the rule. Model SIM Hello not just seasoned in the best traditions of the retro scooters, but the running and speed performance impeccable. It should be noted that the 139QMB engine is not normal, and self-development of the Sym. Nikasil renshe was only used in the engines of racing cars. Now Sym uses the same technology in their engines. This greatly increases the reliability of the piston, and the life.

the disadvantages of the model include a relatively large body, which does not allow the same freedom to maneuver in the aisle, like on the Sym Orbit. On the other hand, retro scooter does not need such speed. It is, first and foremost, style. Besides, one of the few large models, allowing you to sit comfortably man of above average growth.

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