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Only 60 years ago in upstate new York saw a huge sloth

News of cryptozoology 13.02.2020 at 08:46

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In the 1960-ies in the densely populated new York saw a large white creatures similar to the extinct sloths. Is it possible? The word cryptozoology fans of unusual phenomena tend to think of Bigfoot, Nessie, Chupacabra and other monsters who meet regularly.

However, cryptozoology also do strange sightings of unusual animals in those places where it would seem a long time ago, all investigated and no bigger than a Fox and a wolf can not be found. Among them the beast from Sherman. The town of Sherman lies to the West of the U.S. state of new York. In the 1960-ies there with his family lived 15-year-old, which in this story is not preserved even the name. The house was near a swampy wilderness, where few dared to wander.

But once most of these wastes close to home began to come strange beast with white fur. And at some point they came just two. Most often they saw the same teen, but other family members also saw these animals. According to the boy, who was more educated than his parents were, apparently, these are very large in size the animals for some reason reminded him of an extinct prehistoric giant sloths, pictures he had seen in books.

"I saw a white monster in a swamp very close to our house, and then I saw them repeatedly then, and much closer. One night this thing came into our yard. It was in the height of 4-5 meters and it was almost two-meter long tail. Everything from head to tail it was covered with thick white wool.

I saw this animal alone or paired with others in the same. They looked just like a prehistoric sloth. My whole family saw them, and I know. that they saw two men from the side. This is not fiction, these creatures are real."

do Giant sloths once lived in America (North and South) and even found the first Indians who came to these lands. About 10 thousand years ago, these sloths became extinct, probably exterminated by the Indians, but who knows, maybe some small group managed to survive even to the present day, hiding in places where people do not go.

tall giant sloths could reach 6 feet (megacurie), so they were not on the trees and on the ground. It was a very clumsy and slow animals that walked on four legs, and when eating the trees, stood on two legs. In the U.S. the remains of giant sloths have been found by paleontologists in Florida, California and other places.

unfortunately, nothing is known about what happened to the mysterious beast from Sherman. This story was briefly published in only one source, the book researcher John keel, who is best known for his works on Man-Moth.

Kilou, this story was in turn sent by mail the teenager, but alas, she is not interested in him at all, he did not respond to this letter and I went to the area to try to see the beast from Sherman. He just decided that this story is curious enough to include her in his book "the Complete guide to mysterious beings" (The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings) and all.

According to the cryptozoology, giant sloths, and in fact not dead after all and is still found in South America, where the local Indians call them by the word Mapinguari. The word can be translated as "stinking beast" and as the "roaring beast", but in different places of the Amazon he can be called in different ways, including "Cape Lobo" (the Cloak of the wolf), "Mao de pilao" (fat hand) or "ne de Garraf" (legs as bottles).

basically sightings of the mapinguari come from the unexplored areas of Brazil and Bolivia, people describe what they saw as a huge, above human growth, hairy animal, with brownish-reddish fur, long curved claws on his hands similar to claws regular sloths.

the Animal moves slowly, but is able to emit a piercing shrill and heartrending cries and it smells awful, it constantly like mist shrouded in its stench. At the suggestion of the Indians, the stench works as protection from predators, as it desorientiert them.

most Often, the mapinguari see beside the flocks of wild pigs, peccaries, it avoids open water and especially afraid of people, but if you invade his territory, this creature will give fierce resistance. While it is almost impossible to kill with bullets, his thick hair so matted and mixed with the dirt and clay that almost works as a bulletproof vest.

the Local Indians regularly see the mapinguari and you know what people it is not dangerous, because it eats only vegetation and especially he likes the inner part of some trees. The mapinguari is tearing the trunks with their claws to get to the tender core.

the mapinguari are also seen and here came the adventurers. Including the well-known report from 1975 from the hunter named Mario Pereira de Souza. He hunted peccaries near the river Amuck when she noticed how in the undergrowth moving large hairy creature, whom he has never seen. Souza immediately felt an unbearable stench coming from this animal , making him even I got dizzy and had a headache. And the consequences of this "chemical attack" he then felt a few more days.

the Other report came from another hunter Manuel Vitorino Pinheiro DOS Santos, who in the late 1990s also came here to hunt for bakers. At some point, the whole group of people could smell the acrid, sweet and a heavy stench coming from the bushes nearby.

DOS Santos somehow this is so frightened that ran to the river and got into the water up to his chest. Immediately he heard as very close to something very loud, and shakes the trees so that they sway. Before things settled down and DOS Santos finally climbed out of the river, he managed briefly to notice the source of the screams and the stench, it was large dark animal that lumbered among zarosla.