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Cambridge Audio at CES 2014

Note Plus 14.02.2020 at 20:20

Note Plus

Azur 851E equipped assignable outputs/outputs of the IR sensor and socket for the proprietary control bus. There are three pairs of balanced inputs. Mosnik 851W runs in a proprietary class XD, equipped with two toroidal transformers and Terrapin impedance modules. His younger brother, the 651W also features toroidal transformers in the power supply. Digital to analog Converter Azur 851D is ready to work with a computer, a smartphone, a satellite tuner, media server and so on (there are a variety of multimedia inputs). Budget the Minx XL is developed by the company "from scratch"; they have installed a Twitter silk dome. Ceiling speakers, the Minx C46 are 80 mm in diameter, so do not attract undue attention. They are designed with a proprietary technology BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator), which provides extended range of operating frequencies and increased impact in the bass.

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