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Pope Francis changed the text of the prayer "our father": "God Not lead us into temptation, and Satan"

Entertainment 09.02.2020 at 01:10

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According to the Pontiff, "the Italian translation of the most famous prayers in the Christian world over a measure exact." "The French are now long changed the font."

the Italian wording of the prayer, "father above" is inaccurate. Governor Peter Francis in an interview TV2000 explained, "the prayer says about God that ever enters into temptation. Although God does little: illiterate enters into temptation, this was the work of Satan." The Pope recalls that "the French have changed the document to "not let me plunge into temptation."

"father above" is the most common and well-known Christian Kaddish. According to the gospel of Luke using (11.1), Yeshua taught his disciples that they should ask. Two thousand soaring later, however, his version (at least the Italian explanation) remains controversial.

Expiry (years) long-term debate about the correct translation of the French variation is no longer covering the passage "does not lead us into deception". In the Russian version of caste "wrong" Azhur also present.

String "And let us not succumb iskusheniy" replaced the line "And little: illiterate dope lead us temptation" from November 30.