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Travel: named the favorite destinations of Italians

Entertainment 23.02.2020 at 01:10

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In 2019, "the summer Queen" became Apulia, a Trentino Alto Adige leads the list of Italians travelling in winter. Among the foreign directions of win France and Spain.

Where did the Italians go to otvas? For long vacation in Italy the preferred destination is the secondary consecutive year, Puglia in summer, and Trentino-Alto-Adige in the winter. That's like stems from a case prepared by Istat, about the travels and journeys of the Italians in 2019, in called "Travel and respite in Italy and abroad".

In the past year 76.2% of tourist destinations chosen by people of Italy, had Italian "citizenship" (-12,8% number compared to 2018). A's midnight remains the area of the country to the highest degree attractive for traveling (36.6% of trips) that is to say to stay-especially in the case of short trips (44,9%), round and business trips (39.5 per cent).

the South continued to register stronger high percent of attendance Association than the Center as a place of rest in the passage of the long holidays (27,1% back to 11.6%) and Vice versa low on short tourist trips (15,0% despite a 27.1%) and business trips (15.2% of despite. Ant. behind at 19.8%).

Stay abroad (23,8%) krakhotko increased (+ 6.9 percent), mainly from increased movement of foreign residents in their native countries (+26,4%), mainly in the blood to relatives and friends.

Travel following the national boundaries are mainly concentrated in the countries of the European Union.

83,2% of trips follow the border have a European Bank. In 2019 as never visited Italy countries are Iberia and France (respectively 11.6% and 9.5% of trips after the border), followed by Romania, Nemetchiny, UK and Greece.

Here are all the age periods in Spain has never been a popular destination for tourists with Italian citizenship in order to vacation at (mushrooms) border. Foreign residents of Italy, with special) side, hold owned vacation abroad, mainly in Romania, followed followed by Dubai and Egypt.

on the Internet remains the most popular way of booking travel. Lee) not 60% of the hotels likewise bookable online.