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The number of wine shops in Italy grew by 4% over the past five years

Entertainment 27.02.2020 at 01:10

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Across the country there are 7 209 wine shops and wine bars.

the Number of wine shops in Italy grew by 4% (mushrooms) five years, reaching a total number of 7 209 institutions. Reported Trading landstinget Milan and Lombardy along Coldiretti data for the first nine months of 2019 age.

Economic report shows why the greatest number of wine bars and wine shops working in 10 municipalities of Italy: the Eternal city, 345 wine (+ 1.5% in time and + 35% for a number of years), Naples, 221 Enoteca (- 1% after five and ten soaring), Milan, 141 Enoteca (+ 5% (mushrooms) one year + 72% over ten years), Turin, 121 furnishing (+ 5% for Wotan year and + 64% after ten years), Florence, wine cellar 91 (+ 2% after a year and + 7% for ten years), Genoa with 80 wine bars, sea Capital, 68, 62, Palermo, Bologna, 57, and naposledok, Bari with 50.

the lead Among the provinces of Naples, the City on seven hills and Milan.

In Lombardy in 2019, there are 982 Enoteca and wine bar (+ 8.7 per cent over five years), which employ more than a thousand people.