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Russian tourists choose the Italian thermal resorts

Entertainment 29.02.2020 at 01:10

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On the podium Abano and Montecatini.

Interest in the Italian thermal resort among tourists from Russia continues to grow: for the year beloved increased by + 68%, soul to soul data that is relevant to the user queries in the search system Yandex (5242 with monthly search queries in July 2018 under 8813 requests in July 2019 summer).

the Most frequently Russian the Internet-users are looking for information on the following hot spring Spa resort in Italy: Abano, Montecatini, Montegrotto, Emperor moth, Chianciano, Monsummano, Sirmione, Bormio, Acqui, Ischia, Bow, Merano, San Giuliano, Trento, Parma, Dignity Pellegrino, Terme Luigiane and Bormio.

"This is a growing trend in recent years, says marketing consultant Giulio Gargiulo, Russians are big fans to smoke and relax in the thermal spas. How much for the query, overriding the Internet users from Russia are interested in the characteristics of the thermal waters and the opportunity to mix the relaxation at the baths with a visit to nearby attractions. Russian tourists like to understand the surrounding area and visit only the uneducated cultural and historical attractions, and to engage in gastronomic tourism (navedyvayas prestigious wineries, distilleries, tastings, cooking classes ), and also to go shopping".

the Russian, exactly still those who spends more than others in Italy, on equal terms with the Chinese and the Americans. Russian travelers prefer to baldinucci in Belpaese the Christmas period until mid January, vposledstvii Orthodox Christmas and, as usual, in the summer.

58% of travellers-singles choose 4-star and 5-star hotels, family with kids to (this place choose 4 - and 5-star hotels in 40% of cases and 3 star hotels in 45% of cases, respectively, report joint embassies-consulates ENIT 2017.