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How much you can lose weight

Article of the website 04.03.2020 at 17:00

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Many people ask the question: "how can I lose weight?" this question cannot be answered unequivocally because the goals are different. It can be 2 kg, and maybe 20 kg. it Becomes clear that the period of weight loss will be different. From 2 kg can be removed in 2 weeks, but to lose 20 kg will take several months.

while you are losing weight you should follow certain rules in order not to harm the health, and that the process flowed naturally and was not a burden.

Most people must have read articles stating that you can fast for a month and a half to get rid of 20 lbs. Because the Internet painted diet, which is easy to do and gives examples. Let's face it.


the Fat is not burned only because of the fact that you wanted to. The process of burning fat will first need to run. And this should reduce your daily calorie content, make a diet and to increase physical activity using aerobic exercise.

build-up of fat in the fat depot, and burned in mitochondria, many of which are in skeletal muscle. To start the fat burning process, i.e. lipolysis, you need to exert a lot of effort. The point is that it is impossible to burn per day to over 300 grams of fat per day - that's the way our body and it is only when intensive training (on average, as practice shows, it is about 150 g). Even if you create a large calorie deficit per day, more still will not work. If someone will object and say that he or his friend lost 5 pounds in a week, it really is possible, but the weight dropped not only due to fat loss. How does it happen?

During physical exercise, with low-calorie diet burned accumulated in muscle glycogen. 1 molecule of glycogen binds 4 molecules of water. Turns out, if you burned 200 grams of glycogen, respectively, along with them, 800 g of water and the total lost weight is 1000 g.

If you use "hard" diets, the burning muscle fibers. And it happens in the burning of fat cells. Therefore, the less muscle, the slower the process of weight loss. In addition, "rigid" diets impossible to stay long. After this diet a person returns to their usual diet. As a result, the weight comes back and becomes fat in place of muscles. And appearance becomes worse. It seems the weight is the same as they were before weight loss, and the size increased.

Now it is clear how much you can lose weight. During the week you can throw about 1 kg per month - about 4-5 lbs. And to get rid of 20 kilos - will take about 5 months. And this is with a proper diet and exercise.

in addition, when such weight loss, improved appearance, body will become more toned, strengthened health!

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