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The baptism of a child of the Orthodox

Wedding and family photographer 01.03.2020 at 11:23

Michael noses

The Baptism of a child, if possible, spend during the week. So you can avoid crowded.


the day of the christening, as a rule, appointed by the father or has a few dates to choose from. It can be Orthodox holidays or periods of fasting. The choice is yours.

However, there are some important features:

• during the 40 days after childbirth a woman is forbidden to attend Church. After this period, and the relevant prayers to the mother once again will be allowed to visit the Church.

• All the participants of the sacrament of the female sex (godparents, relatives, close friends) are not permitted in the Church during the menstrual cycle. It is therefore important to think in advance a suitable date.

• In the company of some great feasts of the baptism may be delayed due to prolonged worship.

Godparents mom and dad before the ceremony are catechetical talks, is also necessary for them to confess to the priest and perform the rite of the sacrament. A few days before the baptism, parents are obliged to fast and abstain from sexual life.

the BAPTISM of BABIES: girl and boy

the Girl from the font takes godmother and holds her in his arms until the completion of the ordinances. The boy takes godfather.

the Godmother must:

• to Prepare will kriimu (white canvas). Necessarily new. Usually, this easy soft cloth or towel with the area. Krismas godparents baby wipe after dipping (mother of the girl, the boy's father).

• Buy special clothes for the godson: a white shirt and hat (girl). Wear them after ablution. For girls, you can choose white dress, very wide cut for the subsequent anointing.

Godfather gives a new cross on a chain or cord. The material is at the discretion of the cross.

the Rite of baptism in both cases, pays godfather.

By the time the baptism takes place for 40-60 minutes. It depends on individual and group baptism.

the BAPTISM of CHILDREN (7-14 years)

the Baptism of children and teenagers of this age is about the same as in adults: catechetical talks, prayer, fasting.

the Young men should consent to the ceremony along with their parents. After 14 years the teenager does not need parental consent to baptism.

If the child is under 12 years, the recipients have to confirm the vows before God (for babies do godparents).

the Children baptized or dipping them in an extra bowl, or pouring Holy water from the head.

the Rite is performed in baptismal clothes. After wiping Chrismas wear a shirt, hat for girls, cross.

the SEQUENCE of the RITE

1. The rite of naming the name

According to the Calendar of the heavenly father chooses the eponymous patron.

it Often happens that the same name in the Calendar is not, then select the closest in sound.

If the consonant is a name you cannot find, then give the name of the Saint, the veneration of which coincides with the birthday krestnogo.

2. Rank announcement

the Child remains in the same diaper (or underwear shirt from the children). In the winter, you may leave a piece of clothing, freeing the access to the arms, legs and chest for confirmation.

the Priest prays with his hand on the head of a child, asks the Almighty to permit the accomplishment of the rite and asks for His protection.

3. The renunciation of the devil and combined with Christ

If you baptize a baby, then for him the abdication and the combination is carried out godparents. They, along with the baby turns to the West back to the altar. Then renounce the devil, with dunuv and spitting, which symbolizes contempt.

Then stand up to face the East (party of God), and together with Jesus Christ. At this time the godparents read by heart the prayer "Symbol of faith".

4. Baptism

After that, oil and water for baptism are blessed by the priest. Enabling the child to resist the devil all your life, to help him anoint with oil the chest, ears, hands and feet. Only then dipped into the font three times. The priest reads the prayers.

the Godmother takes the little girl, the father takes the boy in kriimu.

Baby wipe and change into a pre-prepared some new clothes.

the Priest puts the cross on his chest krestnogo.

5. Chrismation

Special brush, dipped it in the oil, the priest anoints the child's cross motions.

Then the priest with the godparents and child three bypasses font. The priest wipes with baby Miro.

And the tonsure of hair from four sides of the head of the little cross. Bobbed tresses together with wax roll into a ball and immersed into the font.

the Process is accompanied and completes the prayer.

6. The rank of votserkovleniya

is Held on the fortieth day after birth. The priest makes three times the sign of the cross with the child on hands at the king's gate.

the Girl applies to the image of the blessed virgin.

the Boy makes to the altar, and then, beating the throne with the child on hands, apply it to the image of Christ.

7. The sacrament

Despite their very young age, infants receive communion on the day of the baptism or after (about 7 days).

to Conduct photo and video in churches only with the consent of the priests, so I will discuss it with the priest in advance to the sacrament of baptism went very quiet.

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