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Report January-February 2020

SEO blog — 9 SEO.RU 06.03.2020 at 16:52

Blog about SEO, web skills, Internet earnings

Missed the previous month. Therefore, in this report two report.

Information sites Site 1 Information site, which has invested already more than 1 million rubles. Start of site work: October 1, 2018. Site for 17 months.

Screen attendance with the SS metric to March:

Traffic was winter (the site not the season). So the traffic has fallen. Waiting for spring+summer+autumn and I hope that the site will swing. If not, the sadness, grief. Peak traffic over the previous 2 month: 10 097 (27.02). Now at ~12K.

the Straps I have are...

100 (26.10.2018)

300 (06.11.2018)

500 (16.12.2018)

1000 (12.01.2019)

2000 (30.01.2019)

3 000 (03.02.2019)

5 000 (19.04.2019)

10 000 (12.07.2019)

15 000

20 000

30 000

... Report

Am sign in Google.doks. Link to a copy of the sample.

have Invested for 2 months: (rubles): 10 542

have Invested a total (rubles): 1 280 348

Returned all the time (ROI): 34%

Returned per month: 1.8% / 2%

Income per month (RUB): 22 924 (-8 719) / 26 112 (+3 188)

Income per 1K uniques (RUB): 103 (-49) / 118 (+15)

On the website reasonable monetization — no pushey/vsplyvaet/teasers/etc.

the Structure of income :

— Yan: 38 624 (79%)

— AdSense: 10 412 (21%)

monthly bandwidth: 222 106 (+13 669) / 220 676 (-1430)

the daily Traffic: 7 155 (+431) / 7 610 (+455)

number of articles: 1 494 (+7)

Unique article a day: 4,8 (+0.3) / 5,1 (+0.3)

Things, events Published 3-4 articles per month for website updates. Bought a few links GGL and Quark. All gone: ~7000 RUB Website add on 9% of X in AVM. Slightly tweaked the styles, change the output posts on the main page, updated the plugins and WP. Put AMP version for Google. Sad that Google has no traffic. Purchase links to, and nothing to see. I decided to try amp. At the end of February, finally tightened to a site subscription by email. People really signed very reluctantly, but let it be. The Metric is connected to the website Content analyst. Now see statistics on publications and authors. Convenient, but it is not clear how to use. Website 2

This is my marathon website. The site almost 4 months. Actively filled with articles it is not planned. It was decided to experiment on the site. First tried to pour traffic. Then I flooded the website of reference information on 18K pages (taken from open sources and structured, no stealing).

On the experiments and their results written in this thread on our forum.

Screen attendance with the SS metric to March:


Invested in December: (LCY): 2 642

Put all (RUR): 65 650

number of papers: 84 (+15)

Services Service 1: content shop

, Continue to program its ERP system to create content.

Write quality articles under the key (from TK to publish/relink). If you need information articles — write.


Invested in December: (RUB): 33 500

have Invested a total (rubles): 1 354 147

Returned all the time (ROI): 20%

Income per month (rubles): 8 626 / 7 372

Service 2:

Club Moneymaker. Immediately we held marathons and training.

Continue to recruit the participants in the marathon number 7. Join if you are not with us. Published a new course: "managing content: semantics and TK for articles, Order articles and work with authors and Work with the tools of PS for webmasters and Content: editing and publishing" (need access).

Communicate with students and check their homework. Continue to record courses + do a step by step plan. Here's how it looks.

If you want to study, read more and join in.


have Invested for 2 months: (RUB): 1500

have Invested a total (rubles): 56 800

Returned all the time (ROI): 260%

Yandex.Zen V2

our First experiment with Zen failed, depriving me 5 channels and costs ~15K. All channels are banned and all. Still can not find time to write stories about how everything was. Really try in March to do it.

making the second approach. Are only one channel.

Stat Zen:



have Invested for 2 months: (RUB): 2718

have Invested a total (rubles): 3670

Returned all the time (ROI): 130%

Income per month (rubles): 4084 / 2442

it is too Early to draw conclusions. Will look and experiment further. The yield, of course, ridiculous.

the Odnostranichnikov

Began experimenting with MC. More precisely with single-page sites. More in detail write in this group. There you can join the group to read the sequel.


1. Finance

have Invested for 2 months: (rubles): 0

have Invested a total (rubles): 12 988

Returned all the time (ROI): 69%

Income per month (rubles): 4500 / 3000

2. Friend

Created 10 sites. Spent 12 386 RUB Until there is no traffic nor revenue.

Here we are. If a single phrase to describe the entire report: little by little from everywhere and nothing outstanding. But as it is. Continue to work and believe that success will come.

the force is With us.

PS if the reports are inconvenient to read or have ideas how to improve them please write in the comments. If everything is "tip-top", give it a thumbs up

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