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The price of electricity and gas for households in Italy is higher than in any EU country

Entertainment 04.03.2020 at 01:10

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The Italians pay for electricity and gas, more than other Europeans.

According to data released by Cgia now, prices take that electricity and gas to families resident outside Italy than anywhere else in the Euro zone.

Exactly compared to the average for the 19 countries that use the single currency, the average cost of electricity in Italy outside of 29.6%. How much for gas, in this case, the average Italian close to consumption from before 20 200 GJ pays for 8.2 percent more than neighbors-the Europeans.

In 2019 in Italy the suffix fell only rates receive gas and telephone. Ha to data published by CGIA, rates in Italy, in fact, continue to break, and the only decrease was related to the cost of gas (lean -0.9 %) and telephone subscription (-6,1%).

and All other rates, after all, have undergone considerable elevation: in particular, rose street, in public transport (+2.6%), postal services (+3.4 percent), electricity (+5 %), life-giving VL (+2%), travel in rail transport (+7 %) and crop waste (+1%).