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Grandparents — home support for families with young children

Entertainment 06.03.2020 at 01:10

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But in the South 1 with 5 women don't work to bring up children.

grandparents are a real support to young Italian families. It was always so, but today even more, they help young mothers more time to go to work. Significant Italians drawn to follow parents who look for (mushrooms) children until the end of the day, in accordance with a least until they reach the age of ten. It is reported by Istat interview published today.

The less literate, the task is to unite work and family for Italian women is a difficult to do not impossible, given, why, 11.1% of women who have to absorb at least vodan child, never unimportant (=unimportant) worked to try about it (17% of mothers of two children and 19% of mothers). Too large percentage, unless you consider that the average after Europe it reaches 3,7%.

Get the South of Italy, this figure increases on the eve of 20%, every fifth female(s) (Paul refuses to receive and sign out of the labour market, devoting himself to madness family.

Istat underlines why Italy is exactly the children are still element of "huge urgency". "Employment, Italian women are infinitely closely connected with the family load; single of the employment of mothers is lower. Ant. higher than in women devoid of what children 26% in 2019," explains Istat, any of those not so recorded improvement get 4 percentage points according to the comparison with 2015, later it was recorded the highest mind in the decade.

the Surface of education also has a "strong inspiration to the failure to receive and sign the labor market of women with family responsibilities". The consoles only. In Italy, family heart, in spite of so that the situation sensitively improved over recent years, largely rests solely get the shoulders of women: "discount domestic work carried out by women aged 25 to 44 planning, reduced from 71.9% in 2008-2009 before. Ant. from 67% in 2013-2014, as women are still overloaded with work and family obligations: since half of working women (54.1 per cent) are performing stronger than 60 hours of homework a week."