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Coronavirus: a study of losses in Italy will be from 9 to 27 billion euros

Entertainment 09.03.2020 at 01:10

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On 21 February in Italy from the virus died 21 people, 46 recovered. A new case in Lazio: infected woman was in Bergamo.

Experts predict a decline in Italian GDP from -1% to -3% in the first and second quarter of 2020. This is the authority on the economy of the epidemic of coronavirus in the field of the study of Ref Ricerche, which quantifies the loss of GDP in the middle 9 and 27 billion euros.

the Perception takes into account the impact of the epidemic in the Italian regions, the immediate and long-term, according to General relativity the sector under consideration. Lombardy and Veneto — the most affected regions, explains Ref, produce 31% of the GDP of Italy.

the Society of Ministers approved the exequatur to help the economy in areas affected coronavirus yesterday through last night.

the text also contains an overlay of the Ministry of education, which cancels the limit of the minimum 200 days, then to be considered an academic year is valid. In the decree, the actor-Minister also divides the area of contamination here three colors, thereby classifying the order that should exist implemented in different cases.

the Clouds looming global epidemic of coronavirus remains get "very high" levels. This was stated by the Permanent Director who Tedros Ghebreyesus during the Geneva briefing according to epidemics. "Permanent augmentation in the number of cases of infections Covid19 and the number of affected countries in the last one or two days is causing troubles. Our epidemiologists were all watching these events, and while we raised the danger of global distribution until very high level," explained pervoprokhodtsy who.

"Yes, we're are not yet in the phase of the pandemic, only to avoid her narrowed," said the head Secretary of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, about the coronavirus. "My difficulty mainly concerns developing countries," said the devil.

822 people infected with coronavirus Italy until 29 February. The number also takes into account 21 the victim and cured patients. "Orgy of the dead older than seventy planning, explained Borrelli. — I would like to refer that they are unprofitable died from the coronavirus, and by complications, together with now had their pathologies". "The important fact, added alcohol, is in this case that half of the infected (412) — this is people with asymptomatic disease Ali with very mild symptoms who are illiterate in need of hospitalization. They are in isolation at home. 345 more individual(SMM) were hospitalized, of whom 64 were hospitalized in intensive care".