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A review of the animated film "Forward" Reviews 06.03.2020 at 05:17

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The Journey of two brothers who want to revive the father; a new cartoon from "Pixar".

the Animated film "Forward" — fresh premiere from the legendary "Pixar" studios, well known to the audience their interesting ideas and unusual stories. With the filing of the filmmakers we plunge into another magical world. Let over time he turned into everyday reality, but it is still inhabited by mystical creatures in the pools there are swimming mermaids, and the flying fairies. Earlier in this world were all wizards, and now just uses the most modern inventions, with the result that the magical properties of the inhabitants gradually disappear. Someone happy with such changes, but there are those who are against. Fighters magic believe that it is necessary to remember about magic and to use their abilities, and not just because of laziness to use all the facilities that they provided the modern world.

the Main characters of the cartoon resemble elves, or Smurfs — blue, with big ears and quite, at first glance, unsympathetic. However, to their mind quickly, and just half an hour does not seem that they have not the kind. The characters of the painting are beautifully designed. And despite their blue skin and elephant ears, all the weird creatures easier to see their friends and acquaintances.

the plot of heroes trying to resurrect her dead father. Someone similar in the context of a children's cartoon may seem strange. However, we have to admit, the theme of death, which increasingly POPs up in the paintings intended for family viewing, it is unlikely that today someone will genuinely scare you. Not so long ago, for example, in "the Mystery of Coco", was awarded "Oscars", the main character already came to the afterlife, where he sought his father. Both paintings are upbeat and colorful. And if the parents are risking a little wary that the target audience is unlikely to attach great importance to it.

the scene from the animated film "Forward"

As often happens with projects, "Pixar", dark themes here, balanced by universal humanistic morality. The film gives a timid hope to anyone with seemingly no one left. He encourages people to continue to live and go forward, as hard as it may be. The example of Ian, we are seeing how difficult it is sometimes to find a way out of a situation that seems absolutely hopeless, and realize that there are always the people closest to you that are willing to help and support. Throughout the film we see how the main character changes, and at the end he becomes a more confident person (i.e. an elf).

, We observe his relationship with his brother and their unforgettable journey that brings them closer and helps to better understand each other. The authors of the tape set to the young audience a number of topical issues. How hard is changing our world in a better direction? Really good all these new-fangled gadgets, or we have little to remember the past in order not to forget about what happened before? You think that your family doesn't understand you?.. New masterpiece Studio "Pixar" will definitely give a chance not only to find answers, but also fun to spend time with loved ones, laugh at funny jokes and immerse yourself in the history of unusual characters that will not leave anyone indifferent.

the scene from the animated film "Forward"

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