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In Modena will present Parmigiano Reggiano, aged 15 years, worth 1,500 euros per kg

Entertainment 11.03.2020 at 01:10

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Twenty-nine exclusive forms of Parmigiano Reggiano, aged 15 years, will be presented shortly in the restaurant Fraschetta 58 Massimo Bottura. The cost of the cheese — 1500 euros per kg.

15-year-old Parmigiano Reggiano enough the restaurant Fraschetta 58 in Modena (further restaurant Massimo Bottura) in the coming weeks. Luxury cheese can stop purchased at a price of 1500 euros for pounds.

Luxury cheese dates from August 2004 summer. The idea of elite Parmigiano Reggiano originated from the owner of a dairy farm Malandrone 1477 in Pavullo del Frignano, Modena muhosransk. Carlo Minelli, master of the company, explains: "Given, for some reason, fifteen years only needed the tol for the aging, (common) representation to produce an exclusive cheese came to my dad approximately 20 years back."

Then, Minnelli says, auski? "there is no way to verify that the form can refrain so for a long period of aging, therefore, in the end, time careful control and selection, "survived" only 29 heads". In the result, so a cheese with personality, which can be combined with vodka or rum.

Parmesan Cheese cut to be sold in a unique package before the name of Veteris: this wooden box made by a craftsman from Trentino and equipped with knife Tuscan company Berti intended premeditated for this cheese with short blade (for cutting only small pieces.