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Just a black tin

Autokadabra - Incoming 05.03.2020 at 18:21

Choose to help each:

"less !", "car svezhak !", "the new immediately loses 30% when leaving the salon !",

"will replace the levers and drive the same as on the new", "in Ptse went to one owner and very little", "the service has already made preproduce".

the Machine they found from a dealer in tradine, she liked the price, color, condition.

Two years after purchase the new owner great riding rennicke pajero sport, until I started to suspect something...

Specifically, uncle began to notice water droplets on the roof trim in the rain, whistle in the area of the top of the doors at speed and began to find cracks (like Zemfira) to the paint covering his LBH.

Random scratch on passenger door - seemed to him strange under her was a thick white putty to the scratch brought him to us.

the Scratch on the door, Carl...