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How to choose flooring for your garden? :.: Article 19.03.2020 at 21:00 :.: Article

Now in any Mall presents a wide range of building materials. But what floor covering is best suited for summer? There are a lot of requirements to this coating: durability and immunity to dust particles, dirt, sand and other abrasives can destroy the top layer. Very important and moisture resistance — moisture penetration may also has a harmful effect on the flooring. It is no secret that with the beginning of the season, the cottagers carry on their plots of various building materials, seedlings, household chemical solutions. Obviously, gender in the country will experience heavier load than an ordinary apartment. Summer season starts from mid-spring and rarely comes to mid-autumn. The remaining winter well if the owners are in the country visits. So heating at this time will not work and the temperature difference can be very harmful impact on the flooring. The top layer can warp and change color. Unfortunately, expensive flooring options do not ensure that all those harmful effects will not affect their properties, therefore, most owners buy affordable floor options. It is preferable to choose a floor covering for the house, do not require special care and more practical in terms of installation and replacement. Photo: Depositphotos For example, high-quality linoleum will last you up to 20 years, but it will be easy to replace, producing almost no preparatory work. Best not to choose to give household linoleum, it can be too quickly to burn or not to withstand the various effects of dirt and moisture. There are categories, and more reliable, such as commercial and semi-commercial linoleum. In semi-commercial linoleum thickness of the protective layer is from 0.4 to 0.6 mm, in a commercial — 0.7 mm. the First option is fine in terms of performance, low price, ease of installation. Carpeting, as an option, usually for the cottages is not considered. However, when the house has one floor, then you can use them in the bedrooms on the upper floors. These floor coverings are usually not too expensive and practical, and if you have a good vacuum cleaner, then cleaning with special problems should arise. More modern, but expensive, is laminate flooring. To give you must choose special varieties having increased resistance to moisture. Manufacturers usually indicate that they are intended for bathrooms, kitchens and other areas, where penetration of water on the floor. Moisture-resistant laminate floors can be finished not only in the premises of the country house, but in the covered terrace or the gazebo. It will not scratch, damaging the top layer, set garden furniture, and to wash it is not difficulty. It is important that the packing laminate it is possible to make some special tools you will need. Photo: Depositphotos Range of contemporary colors flooring very diverse, and choose something that will match the interior style and colour scheme of the premises of the cottages, very easy....

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