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Neither here nor there

Zadolba!whether 20.03.2020 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Regularly meet the history of the protection of "the rights tulit advertising" say: no one works for free, each administrator of the site seven on the benches, kids are missing out on molochishko. They say no ads, everything closes, no one will entertain you. Therefore: "turn Off this horrible blocker, Posa-I-IDE".

happy to be disconnected. If 90% of the sites were modest, neat advertising. And most importantly — the topic of the community. What do we have? Advertising that tries to grab you by the ears and forcibly turn your head to yourself, away from the site. Here shining, there is flickering. Windows without permission opens again... to Read the material on the website is impossible, "but this sucker is our saw". Block to hell, without peritonitis!

"But we have a neat advertising! We have a decent website!" Okay, let's look at the examples of the most popular sites, as it is impossible to do "good" is. Number one — the YouTube. It would seem, and on TV there is what the problem is the movie to see? The more that it can be shut off after five seconds. But on TV and radio rules of the game are clear: the moderator warns you when go to commercial. And on video? In the middle of the phrase! In mid-sentence! And remember then what he was talking about. And recently completely vile case was: at night I could not sleep and put your favorite relax tune. Press "play" in anticipation, and then... "And you haven't bought a new one!" To double the volume. Night. Before relax melody! To block it immediately!

here the social network. Indeed, on the left, neatly, three small banner. Is not irritated. Only sometimes amused when I a couple of years touting the complex where I have lived. This is how targeting works... But what started then? The social network knows that I have the status "not married", and starts bundles tulit Dating sites with girls "ur lips" and the views of the experienced harlots. I don't want to see them. Oh, and here is the cross to me IT never showed! But what is it? The next day the same site climbs, but with a new "whore", it looks more "prodigal" than yesterday! Uncover the blocker...

But the public in a social network specializing in the "counter-mass degradation", according to the description. At one point, the administrators decide they are tired to work for free for the amusement of the audience, they also have a kids ' macaronic ask, but to write an interesting ad "in the suit" of his audience they too lazy. Decide to monetize traffic "all." And now, the odds against degradation appears is tadadam! — consumer credit. Moreover, the lousy casual: "Oh, Gee, thanks, I also got money! What a cool program!" In the comments, the admins sadly otbrehivayutsya that they do not decide which ads to show you. But, dear, you yourself have chosen to enter into a piece of shit. Well, evasion. By the way, it will be interesting to see the trend in the number of subscribers.

this is a Website about education. Swears by the blocker doing its job instead of the banners demonstrates compassionate pictures of kittens in front of an empty bowl. Guys, I'd like to help, but I appreciated the banner of kittens. Too much somehow. And, I suppose, will go for scrolling, always remaining in sight. See muck — can't even scroll. No, abstain.

Here is a popular blogger, which many may not like, but he somehow does not go to advertising credits or sites "Dating." And writes... or wrote to him, normal posts is by reading which, you will not feel disgust. Because it is made qualitatively. A majority — blocking, evasion, wash hands with soap and water.