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Coronavirus kills four of the day: doctors have found an effective drug from COVID-19

NEWS PLANET 19.03.2020 at 23:12

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Drug favipiravir, also known as avigan was developed for the treatment of influenza, but performed well in clinical trials against COVID-19. In China, I hope that it will receive the approval of authorities by may. However, their Japanese counterparts are more reserved. According to them, against the most severe cases favipiravir ineffective, according to the portal WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM

the Chinese doctors may have found an effective drug for the treatment of coronavirus. As the representative of the local Ministry of science and technology Zhang Xinmin, and it was favipiravir tool against a number of influenza strains. Also it is known under the name avigan.

the Clinical test in Wuhan and Shenzhen, with the participation of 340 patients gave very encouraging results, reports the Guardian. Application avigan allowed them to get rid of the virus on average in four days. Without treatment, this period was 11 days. Serious side effects were found.

in addition, the drug improved lung function in 91% of patients. Those who were not adopted, the restoration of the lung occurred only in 62% of cases.

the Manufacture of the product is the Japanese company Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, a subsidiary of Fujifilm. Her representatives refused to comment on statements by Chinese doctors. This, however, did not prevent the shares of the company to grow by 14.7%.

In Japan is also being tested avigan against coronavirus. Here I hope that the drug will help prevent the replication of the virus in patients with mild and moderate symptoms. However, local researchers are not as optimistic as their Chinese counterparts.

, They pointed out that people with the most severe symptoms avigan is not too effective. This means that multiply in the body by a virus it deal it is not.

However, even if avigen will show at least modest efficiency, it can obtain approval for the treatment of coronavirus. According to experts, this can happen already in may.

several large biotechnology companies undertook the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus. They all rely on RNA therapy, which in theory will allow the development of vaccines faster than traditional methods. One of manufacturers have already launched clinical trials.